The Advantage of Becoming a Recognized Name

Written by Bill Platt

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While I do recommend forrepparttar marketer to startrepparttar 129510 ezine,repparttar 129511 process of building a client base from an ezine isrepparttar 129512 slow boat to China approach. It could realistically take years to breakrepparttar 129513 plateau of your first 1000 subscribers!

Let me suggest a few names to you:

Aaron Turpen, Angela Giles Klocke, Bill Daugherty (Mr. D), Bob Leduc, Cathy Goodwin, Craig Lock, David McKenzie, Dr. Nunley, Elena Fawkner, Harmony Major, Jan Tincher, John Colanzi, Josh Hinds, Julie Jordan Scott, Judy Cullins, Karon Thackston, Larry Dotson, Max Shifrin, Melvin Durai, Michael Southon, Pamela Heywood, Richard Lowe, Robin Nobles, Sam Vaknin, Shelly Lowery, Shery Ma Belle Arrieta, Wild Bill Montgomery, and Bill Platt.

Of these 29 people, how many of these names do your recognize? Ofrepparttar 129514 names that you do recognize, how many of them can you tell me what kind of business they are in?

Further, ofrepparttar 129515 people whose names you recognize, what is your gut feeling about them? How many of them do you feel that you can trust?

Chances are really good that you have heard of at least one third of these people. I can almost guarantee that you have heard of at least one person on this list. How do I know this?

It is simple.

These 29 people all share one common trait. They are all people who publish free-reprint articles to be distributed to publishersrepparttar 129516 world over. Each of them provide top-notch content that appeals to a much larger audience.

Ezine publishers and webmastersrepparttar 129517 world over are looking for free content that they can supply to their readers. They all understand what a recent Yahoo! study emphasized. Content is King! Most site visitors are looking for information of some kind when they go to a site or subscribe to an ezine.

These publishers and webmasters understand thatrepparttar 129518 best way to attract and keep traffic and readers is to provide folks on repparttar 129519 web what they want. By using free-reprint articles, they are able to provide their readers and their site visitors with repparttar 129520 high-quality content subscribers and surfers demand.

If there is a single name on this list that you recognize and feel as if you can trust, then you haverepparttar 129521 strongest testimony available torepparttar 129522 power of using free-reprint articles to build your business.

If you are not confident to strike out writing your own articles, there are several people who are willing to hire their own article writing skills out to folks just like you.

What it boils down to is this, if you are in business onrepparttar 129523 web and are looking to find your first or ten thousandth customer, you should seriously consider striking out into repparttar 129524 free-reprint market. If you are not comfortable as a writer, then you should absolutely explorerepparttar 129525 possibility of hiring a ghost writer to write articles for you.

Bill Platt owns The Phantom Writers, a company committed to helping people to establish an Internet presence & promote their businesses through the use of Free-Reprint Articles. Through June 1st, 2002, you can save $150 on our normal subscription rates. All articles are distributed to 6,500+ publishers & web- masters as part of the package.,29


Written by Craig Lock

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21. Offer your articles by autoresponder

22. Conclude with a strong message. Your final point (and paragraph) should be a message that summarises your article or gets your reader to take further action, like "GET STARTED" (as I've done in this article). 23. Finally, make sure your layout is good (not one of my strong points!), as this greatly enhances your prospects of getting published Use a spell-check. Go over your article carefully and be an editor yourself.

24. Make sure your article flows properly.

25. Re-read and re-read, until you get it "just right." "Aim for perfection, but settle for excellence" in your article writing. SUMMARY:

The internet is such an amazing medium for communication and SHARING information. I've just submitted this article and it's been published almost instaneously (big word!) in a few places. So YOU TOO can write articles on yourchosen subject in your internet marketing efforts. MORE TRAFFIC = INCREASED SALES

Writers and internet marketers - Grab this moment in history well. "Carpe diem" (seizerepparttar moment!).

Why not start writing articles forrepparttar 129508 www inrepparttar 129509 second half ofrepparttar 129510 year in 2002?


Craig is a writer, who believes in encouraging and helping others to find their talents and gifts, strive for and achieve their dreams in life, whatever they may be. He truly believes people can overcome obstacles, rise to any occasion and accomplish their entire dream with enough faith and commitment. Craig's various books are available at: and

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