The AdSense Factor

Written by F. Terrence Markle

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You can generate revenue on your AdSense website on a consistent basis if your web site has a focused theme with targeted traffic. It's a good idea to have multiple pages with rich content on various topics that are centered around repparttar specific theme of your website. Google can then target relevant ads to display on each web page that containsrepparttar 147884 AdSense box.

Google performs allrepparttar 147885 technological work for you to userepparttar 147886 AdSense program. After your web site is accepted intorepparttar 147887 AdSense program, you obtainrepparttar 147888 HTML code to insert into your web pages from Google. The code will incorporate whatever specific customization you choose forrepparttar 147889 AdSense box.

It does not take very long before relevant ads appear on your web pages. Ifrepparttar 147890 ads are not relevant then you need to modify your content and keywords to help Google isolaterepparttar 147891 theme of your site. This will involve trial and error.

AdSense Factor

The items needed (I call itrepparttar 147892 AdSense Factor) to make substantial money usingrepparttar 147893 AdSense program include:

* A website with multiple web pages with a central content theme that draws significant targeted traffic.

* Relevant ads with high click values that are relevant to repparttar 147894 theme on each web page.

* A high click through rate by your website visitors.

Website Central Theme

Your website should be based on a specific theme. This is where brainstorming comes into play. You need to spend ample time determining whatrepparttar 147895 theme of your site should be. Generate a list of all your skills, capabilities and areas of interest as you would in developing a niche market.

Select one or more ofrepparttar 147896 niches and identify a keyword phrase to berepparttar 147897 central theme of your web site. Identifyrepparttar 147898 "wants and needs" of individuals in that niche that desire information to be satisfied or produce a solution to a problem. In your brainstorming session, identify allrepparttar 147899 keywords you can that relate torepparttar 147900 central theme.

As an example, assume your central keyword theme is "fishing." Potential supporting keywords could include (depending on repparttar 147901 direction you take): fishing rods, lures, tackle, bait, gear, reels, boats and a long list of related items. You then need to develop a separate web page for every keyword item that you use to supportrepparttar 147902 central theme.

Keyword Page Content

Each keyword page needs to have quality content that would be of interest and informative to your prospective visitors looking for information. You can developrepparttar 147903 content yourself, use existing free information or pay someone to developrepparttar 147904 content for you.

As a starter, you should attempt to generaterepparttar 147905 content yourself. Research each topic keyword and write articles of 200 to 600 words. The articles should be informative and rich in keywords for each web page with an AdSense box. Remember that "more" is better. The more content-related pages you have thenrepparttar 147906 more AdSense ads you will be able to display and hopefullyrepparttar 147907 more money you will make.

If you believe that you absolutely cannot write articles for whatever reason then look for existing free articles on your web page topic(s). You can also hire a freelance or ghostwriter at very reasonable rates to write articles for you. The choice is yours on how you proceed to get content for your web pages. When you write your own articles, try to write your articles as if you were talking to someone. Plan on insertingrepparttar 147908 keyword or keyword phrase in as many places that make sense. The keyword density should be inrepparttar 147909 5 to 10% range. This means thatrepparttar 147910 keyword should be included about once every 10 to 20 words inrepparttar 147911 article. In order to help Google determinerepparttar 147912 theme for each of your web pages withrepparttar 147913 AdSense box: use headings and subheadings, use "h1" through "h5" tags where appropriate to add attention and make all keywords bold "b" text in your articles.


You need to consider implementing AdSense on your site if you want to make money from advertising. Google has made it relatively easy and clear to monetize your website through repparttar 147914 use of AdSense. The steps involved inrepparttar 147915 process are:

* First - develop a central keyword theme for your website that contains informative and quality information desired by your targeted visitors.

* Second - develop multiple content rich web pages with individual keyword themes that are focused around your central keyword theme.

* Third - apply and get accepted intorepparttar 147916 Google AdSense program.

* Fourth - installrepparttar 147917 AdSense ads box on each content web page with a defined keyword theme.

* Fifth - drive targeted traffic to your website where a percentage of your visitors looking for your informative and quality information will click onrepparttar 147918 AdSense ads.

* Sixth - collect and enjoyrepparttar 147919 money paid to you by Google forrepparttar 147920 clicks on each ad you presented to your visitors.

Keeprepparttar 147921 "AdSense Factor" in mind when developing your web pages and your visitors will have a high interest in your content. This will lead to your visitors clicking onrepparttar 147922 AdSense ads and putting money into your pocket.

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Become an Eook Author

Written by Susan Harrow

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How can you findrepparttar best publishing sites?

In deciding who will sell your information,repparttar 147845 one thing to check for first is to make sure that any e-book publisher does not require exclusive rights. This is VERY important. You want to make sure that your retainrepparttar 147846 rights to sell your material wherever you like to whomever you choose and to receive royalties for it. All ofrepparttar 147847 following sites are non- exclusive. Royalties vary widely. Good luck! - Paysrepparttar 147848 most and helps you set up your e-book in PDF format for free. To be considered an e-book your information must be 300-600 pages to getrepparttar 147849 70% royalty rate. Under 100 pages is considered an e-booklet and you'll be paid 50% on an average price of $5.95. - You will receive 100 percent ofrepparttar 147850 first $300 of sales and 40 percent thereafter. See their FAQ for details. - iuniverse publishes print-on- demand books and e-books.

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Susan Harrow is a top media coach, marketing strategist and author of *Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul* (HarperCollins), *The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah*, and *How You Can Get a 6- Figure Book Advance.* Her clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, millionaires, best-selling authors and successful entrepreneurs who have appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, NPR, and in TIME, USA Today, Parade, People, Wall Street Journal, and Inc.

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