The Act of Being Physical

Written by Bob Curtis

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It is up to you to come to knowrepparttar talents and nuances that they hold deep inside their being. Once you start to know them, your true relationship begins. You feelrepparttar 145038 gentle thoughts of their mind permeating, enveloping your brain with an ethereal sense of well-being. You smellrepparttar 145039 thickness ofrepparttar 145040 sweet scent ofrepparttar 145041 heat of their flesh as they ponder their need to be near you. You ache just to touch and be touched by their endearing words of private intimacies they share freely with you. Your soul is consumed inrepparttar 145042 fires of desire just to be possessed inrepparttar 145043 embrace of their heart. You hear their whispers fromrepparttar 145044 depths of their desires, softly speaking in your soul on sleepless nights. Your hands ache with delicious sharpness forrepparttar 145045 aromatic succulence ofrepparttar 145046 caress of their soft breath across your anxious flesh. The cells of your brain gather inrepparttar 145047 essence of their presence,repparttar 145048 fantasy of their reality, to be secured safely away inrepparttar 145049 once empty tomb of your beating heart. Your partner is everything to you. They are all. They will always be, if you but care for them properly and well.

Bob Curtis has been writing articles, short fiction and poetry for many years. He has compiled a booklet on interpersonal relationships entitled "Elements". Anyone interested in learning more about making relationships succeed may contact Mr. Curtis at

Fabulous wedding packages in Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

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Always and Forever
3003 Rigel Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
1(800) 259-2978
Their professional staff looks forward to working with clients to create a memorable package of Lasting treasures stemming from your wedding day.

Total Wedding Services
3351 S. Highland Avenue
Suite 213
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
Toll free 877-732-9995
This service offers wedding packages in several locations and styles. They emphasizerepparttar use of state-of-the-art photography equipment and artistic designs.

Whatever your tastes, budget, or desires, a package can be assembled to make your wedding dreams come true.

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Randy is owner of Weddings Information.. Randy owned and operated a very successful storefront/mailorder business from 1988 to 2003. Currently full time owner/operator of several online businesses.

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