The Abortion Debate

Written by Peter Kennedy

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Alternatively, if abortion is morally permissible, does that mean it should be legal in all cases? In response to this question, there exist other viewpoints in addition torepparttar clear cut “pro choice” and “pro life” positions. Indeed, proponents of each argument vary by degree.

For example, some pro-choice advocates believe abortion is no longer morally permissible afterrepparttar 148608 second trimester. Similarly, some pro-lifers allow abortion in extreme cases, such as rape or incest. Roughly two percent of pregnancies occur under these conditions.

The abortion debate lends itself to a larger, overriding question: when mustrepparttar 148609 government intervene in citizens' personal lives, and when must it avoid doing so?

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People say — and do — the dumbest things

Written by Kenn Gividen

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The professor, it seems, feared other students would be offended atrepparttar mere mention of a “big ‘G’ god.” Common sense prevailed. Hauf ignoredrepparttar 148025 nutty professor and mentioned God 41 times. She receive and F. The professor received a law suit, compliments of American Center for Law and Justice. The story was reported in The Daily Press.

More insanity was seen in nearby Long Beach, California. According to The Los Angeles Times, a representative of PETA (People forrepparttar 148026 Ethical Treatment of Animals) voiced his objection torepparttar 148027 Aquarium ofrepparttar 148028 Pacific’s cafeteria including fish. “Serving fish in its cafeteria. serving fish at an aquarium is like serving poodle burgers at a dog show,” he said.

Speaking of animal rights, silliness isn’t uniquely American. The French have their own share of curious folk. According to AFP reports, Jacques Peyrat,repparttar 148029 mayor ofrepparttar 148030 Riviera city Nice, was accused of being cruel towardsrepparttar 148031 rat he killed last week. The report noted that Peyrat was visiting a trash collection area in Nice’s historic center when he spotted “a rat almost as big as a cat.” He grabbed a shovel and brought it down onrepparttar 148032 rodent, killing it.

France’s Society forrepparttar 148033 Protection of Animals (SPA) has lodged a criminal complaint againstrepparttar 148034 Mayor. The report quoted SPA’s regional chief as saying, “A huge rat-clearing operation is necessary, but nothing justifies going off on a punitive expedition against these animals, which are attracted torepparttar 148035 trash cans left out at night inrepparttar 148036 Old City by restaurants.”

But most noticeable isrepparttar 148037 good ol’ boy from Tennessee who is expressing his right to free speech by toting a Confederate Battle Flag across Dixie. H.K. Edgerton’s 1,300 odyssey is designed to draw attention to Southern heritage. He plans to march allrepparttar 148038 way to Texas.

Upon entering Marysville, Tennessee, Edgerton took time to lambasterepparttar 148039 flag-banning school board for practicing what he termed, “cultural genocide” that is dividing blacks and whites, according torepparttar 148040 Marysville Daily Times.

“I’m just an ordinary country boy fromrepparttar 148041 South who lovesrepparttar 148042 Southland,” he added. Edgerton, byrepparttar 148043 way, is black. And that causes one to wonder if he would agree that Arlen Spector’s attack on Robert Bork was, indeed, out of line.

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