The 9 WORST Internet Marketing Mistakes and How you can Avoid them like the Plaque!

Written by Talbert B. Williams

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Avoid Mistake #6: Get as many targeted leads as you can afford.

Mistake #7: Using weak headlines.

Weak headlines are deleted or ignored. If they’re going to bother to read your copy, you’d better knock ‘em down flat to get their attention first. Don’t spend more time writing sales copy than on writing an attention-grabbing headline. If your headline makes someone open your message or web page, you’re well on your way to making a sale.

Avoid Mistake #7: Learn how to write irresistible headlines.

Mistake #8: Not building a personal prospect list.

The mere fact that someone came to your website, and maybe even skimmed it, is a victory for you! Why let them click away? Make your traffic generating investment worth it’s weight in gold.

If you wouldn’t dream of asking someone for their email address because you just hate doing that, you’re trading principles for profits. You probably have a WEALTH of information about your niche that your visitor would gladly release their email address to receive.

Avoid Mistake #8: Provide an opt-in mechanism on your site so you can follow-up with every prospect.

Mistake #9: Once a prospect becomes a customer, they’re yours. Wrong! People are fickle, they constantly search for greater value, and they won’t be loyal to you – especially online. Onrepparttar Internet, it’s fast and easy to click ontorepparttar 124438 next guy’s offer and thenrepparttar 124439 next guy’s.

After allrepparttar 124440 time, energy and resources you’ve invested in getting them to purchase from you, don’t ignore them after makingrepparttar 124441 sale.

Avoid Mistake #9: Don’t drop your paying customers from your marketing plan.

Talbert Williams has been involved in Internet marketing for almost 5 years. During that time, he wasrepparttar 124442 #2 salesman for Living Young Today. Generating over $741,183 in sales. (Yes, he was #2, and he DOES try harder!) Talbert is currently running a very successful online marketing service, Leads and Traffic. He’s researched, tested and acquired countless marketing resources. Withrepparttar 124443 expert team he’s assembled, Talbert can provide you with…

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Success is a system, not a secret Leads and Traffic

Talbert Williams has been involved in Internet marketing for almost 5 years. During that time, he was the #2 salesman for Living Young Today. Generating over $741,183 in sales. (Yes, he was #2, and he DOES try harder!) Talbert is currently running a very successful online marketing service, Leads and Traffic. He’s researched, tested and acquired countless marketing resources. With the expert team he’s assembled.

Get paid to hang out with your friends!

Written by Ryan

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If our perception is not actuality… What is? Actuality really laysrepparttar 2 million pieces of information that your brain is processing right now!


Science has proven that at any give moment, you are be bombarded by 2 million BITS if information at a time.

Some of them you recognize…. See, smell, feel, hear, taste.


Here isrepparttar 124437 thing… your human neurology cannot take in and process 2 million bits of information atrepparttar 124438 same time.

It has been proven thatrepparttar 124439 avg human brain can only take in approximately 134 bits at a time!

That 134 out ofrepparttar 124440 2 million that are all around you!

All day long. Our subconscious mind deletes, distorts, and generalizes all of these bits until it narrows it down to 134 bits!!

The system that does this is called our RAS… Reticular Activation System…

This component tells our mind what to seek out! It’s our filtering system so we don’t walk around on information overload allrepparttar 124441 time!

Right now as I am writing to all of you. There are 2 million bits of info all around us. Each of you is picking up your own 134… that is your perception! Each of you right now is seeing a different movie in your mind!

Another example: Look aroundrepparttar 124442 room…picture a color (e.g. BLUE). Shut your eyes and focus on BLUE and open your eyes and look around and notice how much BLUE is inrepparttar 124443 room. all different shades… What? We now programmed our subconscious to pick up that bit!

How about anybody ever buy a new car! You never see them until you buy it, then what happens? Why is it thatrepparttar 124444 cars were never there andrepparttar 124445 world just copied you! They were not a part of your unconscious mind; therefore, they were just amongrepparttar 124446 other 2 million bits that got sorted out!

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Sorepparttar 124447 obvious question is what determines what 134 bits we pick up!

Ever hear ofrepparttar 124448 law of magnetism! We attract what we put out! Here is why that isrepparttar 124449 case… your mind choosesrepparttar 124450 134 bits that harmonize most with your unconscious mind!

In others words. What you perceive, or your so-called reality, is a direct result of what is going on in your own mind!

E.g. you ever notice how 2 people can haverepparttar 124451 same situation occur and have two completely different responses! They have different bits.

How many of you have those days when you wake up onrepparttar 124452 wrong side ofrepparttar 124453 bed… and EVERYTHING GOES wrong? Why?

Do you see how this works? That is what I cringe on is when people think negative thoughts! Because you are shifting your perception to attract a negative 134 bits!!!

“If you really newrepparttar 124454 power of a negative thought, you would never even think about having one!”

Therefore, by understanding that it is scientifically proven that we only pick on 134 out of 2 million bits and that we are only in command of what bits we pick up, then we are perpetually at cause for our reality!!!

Sorepparttar 124455 main question that you have to ask yourself is what 134 bits are you picking up?

What reality are you a CAUSE for creating for yourself!

Your reality as it is today is EXACTLY what you shaped it to be.

So if you are having success and you are happy and content, congratulations, you created that for yourself.

And if you are not successful (in your mind) and want things to change - then you must change! Become more aware… shift your perceptions and be at cause for your reality!

You choose your reality.

So now that we understand cause and effect and how we are truly at cause of everything that happens in our lives.

Lets take one last step…

Not only is this relevant for what we filer and how we perceive things, it is also tied into what actions we initiate andrepparttar 124456 results that they get!

Who here before this event, believed in Karma… or have heardrepparttar 124457 statement that “everything happens for a reason!”

What is this case?

Same philosophy here: for every cause that you initiate - other people are going to react or create an effect!

This philosophy has been around forever… its part ofrepparttar 124458 universal law!

Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you!

What goes around comes around.

What you put out is what you get back.

All of these are quotes aroundrepparttar 124459 law of accumulation…

Once you decide to become a cause for everything in your life… you have to be careful with what you put out there!

Again, that’s why this is a step in your personal transformation!

If you stop and consider all of your action and ask what couldrepparttar 124460 effect of that action be… then you should live a long a prosperous life!

If you put your actions with integrity, honesty, good heartedness, and if you are responsible, disciplined, and focused, if you are committed, persistent, and congruent… then all of these causes will generate a desired effect!

However,repparttar 124461 opposite is also often true. And this is where you have to be careful because being a cause, or being in control in your life allocates you a lot of power and freedom to shape your reality.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

The law of accumulation just states that what you put out will continue to come back.

Therefore, as long as you dorepparttar 124462 correct things long enough… over and over - you will get your desired result.

You see successful people are not successful by chance! They are successful because they deserve to be. Just as you will deserve to be financially free when you hit that point.

Successful people are successful not because they are extraordinary people, but because they put enough good actions out there that they got there due in return… that’s it!

Do you want to learn to commandrepparttar 124463 law of accumulation in your favor? I hope so!

That isrepparttar 124464 third phase of personal transformation!

I felt compelled to share this information because how to take control of your life and situation was a thought that was put in my mind years ago.

Also, at that time wasrepparttar 124465 launch of our organization!

I hope thatrepparttar 124466 information that stemmed for me wanting to learn to be in control of my situation can help you in your journey and your personal transformation…

Just expand your awareness, shift your perceptions, and see all vantage points.

Decide to be a cause to everything in your life.

Commandrepparttar 124467 law off accumulation in your favor.

By dong this you are in control!

You will write your own check in your business. You will write your own check in life.

You takerepparttar 124468 only variable in your business and not only make it good, but decide to make it great!

So next time someone says, “are you going to retire? Are you going to be successful? Are you going to beatrepparttar 124469 system? What’s your guarantee?

You can stand tall…look them directly inrepparttar 124470 eye, and without a flinch, without a stutter, say “I have a guarantee… my guarantee is me!”

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Ryan is a master sales trainer, speaker, and communicator. He's a Co-founder of a traning company and has been in sales/marketing for almost a decade and a top producer in another company.

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