The 8 Myths About Creating Wealth

Written by Nikola Grubisa

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Myth No. 6: I'm too old (young)

If you researchrepparttar life stories of some ofrepparttar 117462 most successful people, you'll see that this isn't true at all. Some became wealthy early in their lives (perhaps fromrepparttar 117463 stock market), while others found their fortune in their old age. Ray Kroc, was more than fifty years old when he bought and maderepparttar 117464 first McDonald's.

Myth No. 7: I don't have enough money to start. You have to spend money to make money.

This is no different from any other excuse or "myth." Likerepparttar 117465 others, it's obvious this one isn't true either. Many have made their fortunes starting from scratch, living in an apartment or working out of their garage and yet, they developed business empires that are worth billions of dollars today. The other elements of success are far more important than having seed money to start a business.

But yes, often money helps and it certainly doesn't hurt. Like everything else discussed in other myths: it probably helps, but it is not always necessary.

Myth No. 8: I'll begin when I know everything

Do you believe that you will know everything someday? Or even that you'll know enough to ever be "really prepared now?" The more you learn,repparttar 117466 more you see what you still need to learn. Success and obtaining wealth is a dynamic process. Even if you "could" come out ofrepparttar 117467 gate knowing everything there is to know, some of those elements will change immediately and many will change rapidly. If you don't decide now, nothing will happen. Live and learn.

Some millionaires have even allowed themselves to go bankrupt and then (even faster) recreated their wealth, sometimes even greater than before. Money itself isn'trepparttar 117468 obstacle that is keeping you from being wealthy. If you're really good in your business, don't worry, because someone that will offer you money (a bank or business partner) will appear who will appreciate your talent knowing you are a very good investment opportunity. But you can't sit around waiting for this - make it happen.

Exercise "taking action" as much as you can. Make your workplace better or more efficient. After all, even if someone else signs your paycheck, you really work for you. Even if you are an employee in a large corporation - it isn't your corporation - but it isrepparttar 117469 only corporation through which you can prove what you are capable of right now.

All of us have what it takes to become a millionaire! Born winners, yet few of us know how to take advantage of and cultivaterepparttar 117470 possibilities hidden inside our own mind!

No one can ever grant you greater potential than your heart already holds…you need only discover its contents to findrepparttar 117471 one true path to your success in life. Born withrepparttar 117472 seeds to our success,repparttar 117473 greatest decisions must always come fromrepparttar 117474 inside! You will discover a new, deep well of fortune – yourself!

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Business Opportunities Online

Written by Pavel Lenshin

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Efforts to make, money to spend:

1. You are not supposed to run and support a private web-site (page) promoting third party product, butrepparttar chances of success, in that case, are greatly decreased. 2. Your earnings strictly depend on sales you and, sometimes, your referred affiliate have made. The percentage is usually not less then 5% and not more then 60% per sale. The more retail price is,repparttar 117461 less commission percentage you will have. The most popular commission now is 20%-50% on info products. 3. No need to pay entry or monthly fees. You as well as affiliate program owner may make additional investments on services or products, but they do not directly concern your affiliate business cooperation. 4. Any affiliate operates as an independent business entity and has a database of potential customers, may result in simultaneous marketing of as many affiliate products as wanted, earning commissions on them all.


As many times marketing experts have said, you will find no «Guru», who build their internet empire by marketing exclusively other people’s products or participating (not owning) in a MLM. 99,9% of them have their own products or services to sell. Only having 100% of private rights could bring you 100% of profits on any effort you will make. Especially when you’re atrepparttar 117462 beginning of business highway. Internet is a perfect workplace where your income exactly equals torepparttar 117463 work input you've made. You have full control not only on product or service to sell, but something more vital, credibility building and creatingrepparttar 117464 community of loyal customers. Once again, especially, when you are setting up your first eBusiness.

Efforts to make, money to spend:

1. You have to create (or order) business web-site (page) as a representation, advertisement, selling and customer-servicing platform of you business. 2. Your earnings strictly depend onrepparttar 117465 sales you've made. Any sales bring you 100% income. The setting up of affiliate program, based on your offer, could also increase your market and profit exposure allowing you to create indirect income. 3. Any dime you will spend building your own empire is an investment in yourself and your business. It means that for any monetary unit you will get a service or product, which bringsrepparttar 117466 actual value for you and your business. Unlike consumer spending, any investment is intended to earn yourepparttar 117467 interest with time. 4. Private business operates as an independent business entity. Automation of business processes could make your hands free for creating second, third etc. business entities or divisions. The more products you sellrepparttar 117468 more residual income you will have.


Without any doubt private business beats any other opportunity onrepparttar 117469 first step of wealth building onrepparttar 117470 net.

The most reasonable steps should be: 1. Setting up private venture or partnership to doublerepparttar 117471 efforts as well as profits. If your share in partnership structure is 50%, you may probably earn initial 100% on your work asrepparttar 117472 income of your business is also supposed to double.

2. Long-term online incorporation implies stages of popularizing your product, trade mark, creating virtual community of grateful customers, and spreading positive business image.

3. Establishing your own affiliate program to maximize market exposure and profits.

4. Joining third party affiliate programs that reflect your best interest and promote their products to existent customers for immediate results.

5. Having residual cash flow you may consider joining MLM. You have customers and business income to spend. But in that stage more astute action to take is to organize your own MLM venture based on products you sell. In that way you will not get «hurt» by spending money on an up line and guarantee you true MLM «success». What should be thought over here isrepparttar 117473 possibility of hurting your clients what, to my mind, isn’t worth any MLM income you may have.

Accomplish these steps and you will guarantee financial freedom for yourself, your closest relatives and children for many years ahead. Start your own business by investing necessary time and money in you and your business. If you do,repparttar 117474 life you are dreaming about will find you very soon.

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