The 7 Keys To Writing Successful Articles

Written by Jason Potash

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Key #4: Create Several Sub-Headings

To better organize your thoughts, divide your article into sub-headings. At times, writing a 500-700 word article can seem insurmountable. Sub-headings make things easier. Instead of tacklingrepparttar entire article at once, try writing one paragraph at a time.

Key #5: "Close The Sale" With A Resource Box

One ofrepparttar 124324 worst things you can do is to leave your reader hanging. They've just read your great article, now what? A resource box appears atrepparttar 124325 very end of your article. It'srepparttar 124326 last line that your reader sees. It's your chance to setrepparttar 124327 next step.

Make sure that your resource box is compelling. Makerepparttar 124328 reader jump over to your website, sign up for your ezine, download your latest ebook, claim their free gift -- get creative!

Key #6: Poofread Your Work

Did you catch that? It should've read, "Proofread". Nothing hollers out amateur, newbie, or just plain unprofessional than an article filled with typos and bad grammar. If you don't have an English major inrepparttar 124329 family, hire a proofreader. Their rates are reasonable and they can save you from damaging your reputation online.

Key #7 - Promote, promote, promote

Let's make one thing clear. Without key #7, keys 1-6 are a waste of time. Bottom line, no one will read your article if you keep it stored on a floppy disk in your desk.

You've got to promote it!

How can you promote your article? There are well over a hundred article directories, article banks, free content sites, article announcement lists, and article syndication services out there. Andrepparttar 124330 best part is ... 95% of them are FREE!

Plus, there are thousands of ezines that are looking for article submissions. Develop a list of ezines in your target market. Next, e-mail each ezine publisher a copy of your latest article. There are countless stories of individuals who have succeeded using this exact same approach.

Wouldn't you like to get your next article picked up by an ezine with 32,000 subscribers?

Now go on, and get writing!

Jason Potash, the creator of EzineAnnouncer software, makes it easy to put your ezine and article promotion on auto-pilot. Learn the 7 essential keys to ezine success. Click below for your free 4-part mini-course:

E-Mail Newsletter Marketing Essentials

Written by Lee Traupel

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What do you want to look for in an ASP List Hosting Provider? You want great customer service, an online interface that enables you to easily managerepparttar process,repparttar 124323 ability to easily to cut and paste your text (newsletter copy), instant distribution of your newsletter andrepparttar 124324 ability to know at a glance how many subscribers you have on an ongoing basis andrepparttar 124325 number of new subscribers and unsubscribers.

There are lots of list hosting companies out there - I'd recommend including two on your short list. One ofrepparttar 124326 oldest, most well established companies that has consistently won rave reviews for excellence in customer service is Sling Shot Media, LLC - they've been hosting since 1998 (ancient in web time) and offer a wide range of consulting services related to all aspects of newsletter marketing. The other company to check out would be Microsoft's bCentral Services which offers list hosting as one of its services. I can't give them rave reviews for customer service, as they make you pay extra for anything more than e- mail support which can be a hassle at times. But, their list hosting interface is easy to use, works well most ofrepparttar 124327 time and they are price competitive.

Finally, one ofrepparttar 124328 biggest marketing challenges facing many small to medium sized companies is generating a newsletter subscriber list. I don't have sufficient space in this column to address this challenge - but, it's a classic go/no go situation;repparttar 124329 longer you put it off repparttar 124330 harder it becomes, so get started,repparttar 124331 upside rewards are too significant to delay!

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc., a marketing services and software company which provides strategic and tactical marketing services exclusively to small to medium sized companies. He can be reached at

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