The 5 Things You Should Know Before Breeding Cats

Written by Marc de Jong

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4. It takes education. Have you thought about what could happen at birth? Do you know how to cut an umbilical cord? What to do if a newborn remains in its fluid filled sac? What supplies you need? How to know when a c-section is necessary? What to feed a pregnant cat?

5. It takes money. Kittens cost more money than you probably think. Itís not onlyrepparttar food. Even if you go through pregnancy without a vetís help, you need to have them vaccinated and dewormed.

Yes, thereís a lot to think about! However, if you really want to breed, make sure you getrepparttar 139993 right information, so you are prepared forrepparttar 139994 best andrepparttar 139995 worst.

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Female Dog Care

Written by Aki Desorcy

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If you've opted to not have your dog spayed, it's important to understand how her heat cycle works. The first 10-14 days isrepparttar period BEFORE ovulation and this isrepparttar 139974 time during which she will bleed. Ovulation occurs asrepparttar 139975 bleeding stops so it's important to understand that it's duringrepparttar 139976 10-14 days following bleeding that she's actually most likely to become pregnant. Far too many owners makerepparttar 139977 mistake of believing that their female dog is safe oncerepparttar 139978 bleeding stops and over-filled dog pounds arerepparttar 139979 sad result.

Doggie diapers are available in most pet stores and come in a range of sizes to fit different breeds. These are designed to stoprepparttar 139980 dog leaving blood on your furniture and rugs but unfortunately, unlessrepparttar 139981 dog has been taught to accept wearing them from a very young age, most will soon chew them off.

Female dog owners who choose not to have their dog spayed MUST monitor their dog regularly for any lumps inrepparttar 139982 breasts and remember that unless they're serious about breeding, they have a duty to ensure that their dog doesn't produce unwanted puppies who will eventually find themselves sitting in a pound waiting for their death sentence to be passed.

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