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Other features ofrepparttar Motorola i860 that are new to iDEN handsets include:

Picture Caller ID - allows a previously-assigned picture of a caller to appear inrepparttar 140321 external display when a phone call is incoming from that contact

Larger external color screen - displays up to 3 lines of text and pictures

Larger internal color screen - displays up to 11 lines of text in vibrant color

Push-to-Send My Info2 - allows users to send their contact information viarepparttar 140322 ?push-to-talk? (PTT) button. Users can limitrepparttar 140323 amount of information sent or send a virtual business card to network more efficiently.

Push-to-Send Contacts2 - allows users to easily share another user?s contact information viarepparttar 140324 PTT button

Media Downloader application ? available for download fromrepparttar 140325 Internet, this free application allows users to transfer photos and videos from their phone to their PC via a USB cable (not included)

25 MB of memory available to end users - for ring tones, voice recordings, videos, pictures, messages, wallpaper designs, and Java? applications

MP3 ring tones - including music and voice

Openwave 7.0 Internet microbrowser - lets users browse graphic-rich xHTML sites

Push-to-open button - offers convenient, one-handed operation ofrepparttar 140326 flip-style phone by mechanically openingrepparttar 140327 flip when pressed

The phone also has many ofrepparttar 140328 features associated with Motorola?s iDEN technology, including location-based services, integrated speakerphone, voice recorder3, voice dialing, downloadable applications, and a two-way radio for instant communication atrepparttar 140329 touch of a button.

The Motorola i860 handset weighs 4.77 ounces and measures 3.45 x 1.96 x 1.01 inches withrepparttar 140330 included high performance battery.

Overall Value Rating: 9.7 / 10 - Excellent

Price: $250 - $400

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