The 4 Ws of Junk E-mail

Written by Niall Roche

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CD lists are one ofrepparttar worst sources. 90 million e-mail addresses available on a single CD for as little as $20. A lot ofrepparttar 132720 addresses on these CDs would be junk (many would no longer exist) but an equally large number of these addresses would be valid. A CD like this is a junk mailers dream.

Where they do it from Those involved in sending out bulk e-mail are “entrepreneurs” or at least they think so. The vast majority of those involved inrepparttar 132721 spam business are self-employed and work from home. Sending spam is almostrepparttar 132722 ideal home based business. You name your hours andrepparttar 132723 business itself is almost automatic. Maximum gain from minimum effort.

Why they do it inrepparttar 132724 first place Their motivation is money. Considerable amounts of cash actually. Each spammer who sends out 1,000,000 junk e-mails is certain of approximately 100 sales. Many ofrepparttar 132725 products they sell are worth $50 - $100 dollars to them in commission. Yes. Shocking isn’t it? The average bulk mailer earns in excess of $100,000 per year! Maximum return for minimum effort. Unless of course you get caught and get jail time.

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RSS Feeds

Written by Sharon Housley

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What are RSS Feeds - In very simple non-technical terms RSS is an XML file containing a directory of web pages with related news or information. The RSS is contained in an XML file and referred to as a "feed". RSS format is very simple, in fact even I was able to create a feed with little effort.

The XML file basically contains what would be commonly used as a title and description in an html document, along withrepparttar url of a web page containingrepparttar 132718 actual content.

Sample feeds can be seen at:

Once uploaded to a websiterepparttar 132719 feed should be validated (to make sure you did not use any invalid characters). The feed can then be submitted to engines. Individuals can view your content in a reader. Individuals can also add news feed to their websites by using an aggregator and tappingrepparttar 132720 feed of news vendors or others.

For convenience I've created a webpage with RSS resources at

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