The 4 Most Important Tips to Speed Read Faster than Ever

Written by Michael Sherriff

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4) Practice, practice, practice.

When I started exercising with weights, I can only liftrepparttar lighter ones. Asrepparttar 150750 time goes by, I slowly add more and more weights as my body tends to adjust and become more comfortable carrying heavier ones.

The same concept goes for speed reading. Set a goal. Figure out how quick you can read, then create a plan to increase your capability.

If you can read 200 words per minute, set a goal to read 250 words a minute. After accomplishing this feat, set a goal to read 300 words per minute.

This takes time and practice, butrepparttar 150751 effort is all worth it. If this is your first time to set such a goal, read first those materials you are familiar with.

Carry on with more difficult ones as you progress. This way, you're not overwhelming yourself with understanding different new words and atrepparttar 150752 same time increasing your speed reading skills.


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Bad Mood Busters

Written by Maryann Troiani, Psy.D.

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5. Watch what you say -- and never say words such as “try” To begin acting like happy and optimistic people, you need to learn what they do. Optimistic people act and talk in certain ways. For example, they use certain words. The words people use can affect their moods and energy levels. Changing your words can actually change your attitude and feelings. Use “upbeat” words, instead of “upset” words. For example, you can say, “I feel overwhelmed” which is upsetting. Or, you can say, “I feel challenged …nevertheless I can do it” which is upbeat.

One ofrepparttar most interesting differences between happy and unhappy people is that happy people never or rarely userepparttar 150749 word ‘try’ or ‘but.’ These two words leave people feeling hopeless and not in-control of their lives. Happy people feel hopeful, and take tons of responsibility for their lives. The words ‘try’ and ‘but’ are excuses, and unhappy people have a bad case of ‘excus-itis.

6. Focus on What You Want & Not On What You Don’t Want Worry isrepparttar 150750 #1 happiness and energy zapper. The fastest way to fill yourself with endless joy and energy is to stop worrying. How can you do that? Each time you have a negative thought, immediately switch it to a positive thought such as a solution to your woes. People who focus on solutions rather than problems are optimistic, happy and very high energy.

7. Pursue What You Love To Do and It Will Light Your Fire The best way to start your day and jump out of bed with an enthusiastic mood is to find your passion. Find out what thrills you and you’ll find boundless new energy to jump out of bed and startrepparttar 150751 day with a great mood. People who have no energy inrepparttar 150752 morning or even duringrepparttar 150753 day are really lost souls. They do not have a real reason to get out of bed each day. Finding your passion or what thrills you in life can turn you on each day, light your fire and boost your mood.

Anyone can become more upbeat and optimist. When people use these techniques, they invariably feel a heavy burdens lift off their shoulders. They feel positive, upbeat, and confident. You only need a few minutes to put these tips into action. They can be your key to enhanced life including your health, wealth, and career success.

Remember: Optimism isrepparttar 150754 hidden key to your personal success. Optimists possess a clear vision of an exciting life, confidently work on goals to achieve their vision, and take self-responsibility. In contrast, pessimists have no clear vision of a fantastic life, and they love to complain, blame, and moan. So which do you want to be ---- happy & optimistic or unhappy and pessimistic? The choice is all yours.

© Copyright 2005 Maryann Troiani, Psy.D.

Maryann Troiani, Psy.D., is a speaker and media personality. She delivers speeches and workshops. She co-authored the book, “SPONTANEOUS OPTIMISM: Proven Strategies for Health, Prosperity & Happiness”. Dr. Troiani has tele-coached many people with her "optimism and change-your-life" techniques. You can email her at or phone her at (847) 382-0690.

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