The 4 Deadly Sins of Business Web Design

Written by Matthew May

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First of all most free web hosts have ads all over them. It takes a good deal of effort to find a qualified prospect. Do you want your prospect to click onrepparttar free web host banner and never return to your website? They should pay you for those banners and ads!

Also it is very unprofessional not to have your own domain name. Are you going to do business with someone whose website is Probalby not.

5. Not following up with your customers.

If you do not have a follow up autoresponder system on your website your are losing most of your sales.

It has been absolutely proven that most people must hear a message at least seven times before buying.

A good autoresponder service will capturerepparttar 134691 names and email (evenrepparttar 134692 phone numbers) of those who visit your website. The autoresponder will then send out a series of 10 timed messages to your prospects about your business.

The messages are personalized withrepparttar 134693 prospect's name so they are more likely to be read.

Afterrepparttar 134694 6th or 7th message your prospect will begin developping a relationship with you. You might even get a call from someone saying " Hi this is Bill I am ready to buy!"

Bill thinks you have been hand writing individual messages to him and he feels like he knows you personally but you have no idea who he is!

An autoresponder turns what would have been just one quick visit to your website into 7-10 exposures to your site.

A quality autoresponder system will also serve as a mailing list manager. After your prospects have received all your messages they will be put into an archive list in your autoresponder control panel.

If you have any specials or announcements you can just type one email message in your control panel and send a message to everyone in your list.

In many ways a good autoresponder system can be more important thanrepparttar 134695 website itself.

You may find such an autorepsonder service here.

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Web Source Web Design Tips - Using META Tags for Search Engine Indexing

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Try not to repeat your META keywords more than three times. To coverrepparttar many different ways your potential visitor may type in their search terms, type your META keywords in a few different styles.


Shelley Lowery Tip provided by: Web Source: Your Guide to Professional Web Design and Development.

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