The 4 Deadly Mistakes of Wife Seduction

Written by CR James

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Wouldn't you agree that in order for her acceptance rate to increase her sexual value would have to increase. (i.e lose weight or something). The right approach: 1 You must increase your sexual value.

Deadly Wife Seduction Mistake # 3

The wrong approach: Trying to give her pills/herbs to make her horny. Here is whyrepparttar thinking is flawed.

You can read a similar analogy on (scroll down torepparttar 142588 first Yellow Box)

If you have no sexual value then it doesn't matter ifrepparttar 142589 pills succeed in getting her horny. This actually could work against you in some cases. Here'srepparttar 142590 deal, if she gets horny and you have no sexual value, then she would rather masturbate than to have sex with you.

Andrepparttar 142591 reason why it could work against you overrepparttar 142592 long run is because if she is always in a horny state thenrepparttar 142593 guys that have sexual value in her eyes arerepparttar 142594 ones that are going to be more appealing - over time.

Does that make sense?

Let's say we lived in a world where a pig could talk and interact with you, but they still hadrepparttar 142595 sexual value of a regular pig. Byrepparttar 142596 way: This analogy was nominated forrepparttar 142597 Bizarre Analogy Award. (thatís a joke)

Let's say this pig gave you (secretly or non-secretly) 2 pills of HERBAL-X ROCK HARD. These pills had 90000 mg of Yohimbe and 90000 mg of Ginseng, and any herb you can think of it had 90000 mgs of it (and miraculously your heart didnít explode!) seconds your member was up inrepparttar 142598 air! (approx 5 degrees away from your belly).

Would you screwrepparttar 142599 pig if you became super aroused? The answer is no. (right?) The pig has no sexual value. So in order for you to screwrepparttar 142600 pig, it would have to increase his sexual value. It would have to maybe put on some fishnet stockings (or shed that nasty gut).

The right approach: 1 You must increase your sexual value. Deadly Wife Seduction Mistake # 4

The wrong approach: Asking her to explain why she is not inrepparttar 142601 mood? Here is whyrepparttar 142602 thinking is flawed.

The guy thinks his wife will tell him why she isnít sexually attracted to him (anymore). And then all he has to is makerepparttar 142603 changes, and then presto!

The problem is she doesn't know. She knows what she is consciously attracted to (i.erepparttar 142604 nice guy that does nice things Ė i.e her husband orrepparttar 142605 man she loves) but she doesn't know what she is unconsciously attracted to.

[Byrepparttar 142606 way Ė Any guy that has read knows what I mean. When you read that, you are going to beg me to takerepparttar 142607 site down so that other guys donít use that secret system]

The mechanisms that inspire horniness is foreign to her. She doesn't know what moves her on a deep down level. Here's an example. If you asked a person that just gave up on diet why he is no longer onrepparttar 142608 diet, he is not going to give yourepparttar 142609 real (deep down) answer.

However, he will give yourepparttar 142610 false (surface Ė or what he thinks) answer and he may believe this isrepparttar 142611 truth but it's notrepparttar 142612 truth.

It's false.

His surface answer will be thatrepparttar 142613 diet failed, or that it was a dumb diet - something like that. Butrepparttar 142614 real (deep down) reason is because he may have never believed he could succeed inrepparttar 142615 first place.

He may have had no hope. He may have to increase his will-power. He may not have been serious about solving his problem. The right approach: You must increase your sexual value. She responds unconsciously to things that she is not aware of.

Warmly, CR James

Author of Super Sex Power: Magnetism

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