The 3 MOST Powerful Forms Of 'Viral Marketing' That PUT Your 'Opt-In' List Building On 'Auto-Pilot'!

Written by Cory Threlfall

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Just make sure you put together a free ebook with quality information inside.

- And they also allow you to target more then one Product or Service inside because free ebooks are usually a compilation of related articles targetting a particular problem leaving you room to diversify.

3. Writing 'Articles'.

- Writing Articles is probably ONE ofrepparttar Best and Most Effective Ways to produce a wave of Viral traffic to your website because every website owner needs FRESH content to feed to there visitors and/or subscribers.

- They also allow you to Target your audience's problem specifically that they're dealing with.

- And atrepparttar 105942 end ofrepparttar 105943 article you have a spot calledrepparttar 105944 'Resource Box' to insert your personal Bio and/or Website information.

Just imagine if your article were to be picked up by some Newsletter Editor with a large list or High Traffic website and they use it as a 'Featured Article' in there publication, you could see an INSTANT Surge of targeted traffic to your website overnight.

That's where your 'Resource Box' comes in.(Take a look at how mine is formatted atrepparttar 105945 end of this article.)

Well, that about sums it up forrepparttar 105946 3 MOST powerful 'Viral Marketing' methods being used today by most Internet marketers, and for good reason, because they work.

Now, with all that said, what do these 3 'Viral' methods all have in common that'll put your List Building efforts on 'Auto-Pilot'?

- They're in HIGH demand by website owners.

- They're HIGHLY Targeted.

- They give You INSTANT Credibility in your industry.

- They have YOUR Contact Details leading to Your website.

...and Most important of all, they're all FREE!

Just think for a minute, by using only ONE of these methods listed above, how it could put your Opt-In list building efforts on 'Auto-Pilot'.

This article represents just a summarized version of allrepparttar 105947 different List Building techniques available online, But, in my opinion, these 3 arerepparttar 105948 most effective.

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Viral Marketing - Spread the word.

Written by Judy Webb

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Ironically, even without action or direct financial participation, a mental impression can be formed through branding.while no-one will click onrepparttar large billboards that fillrepparttar 105941 landscape,repparttar 105942 memory of it, can prompt future action withrepparttar 105943 sponsor in question. Exposure and impressions have consequences, both on and off line.

Most internet programs including mlm's initiate novices by impressing them to harvest their "circles of influences". This involves such novices telling everyone that they know, and givingrepparttar 105944 product a personal recommendation, or endorsement.

Some insist that a circle of influence strategy could spread repparttar 105945 word to an incredible nine hundred people.

Examples of viral marketing can be seen everywhere: free email addresses, branded software, branded ipods or accessories, bravenet tools, some newsfeeds, syndication and other content, jokes (via email and offline), quotations even, anything that people want for nothing but agree to a link,like phpnuke or WordPress.

Look atrepparttar 105946 Marlboro Cigarettes campaign suggesting saving miles to purchase merchandise. Most items purchased are branded physically or by word-of-mouth, "I got it from Marlboro catalogue by saving miles".

Miles that can only be accumulated by purchasing a pack of their cigarettes.

By offering a simple download with an email or as a bonus to your offer your branded name will become known. For instance you can go here and download a great set of tools that will benefit webmasters at any level. This branded tool will benefit bothrepparttar 105947 consumer andrepparttar 105948 one makingrepparttar 105949 offer.

E Books are invariably information products that can be branded and embedded with affiliate links. These are often given away as free reports, but withrepparttar 105950 firm consciousness that they will be passed on to enhance a viral campaign.

Brand it, and recieve widespread recognition. Embed it with affiliate links, and recieve any associated revenues.

Indeed, affiliation programs could be considered to be viral in nature. Whilerepparttar 105951 new affiliate may not make a sale, they will surely be aware ofrepparttar 105952 product and may even purchase it themselves. This does happen, incidentally.

The most powerful vehicle of a viral marketing strategy is repparttar 105953 one that is carried torepparttar 105954 most valuable target of all; Those that want something, and those that want something else!

Good Luck and happy viral marketing.

Judy Webb is a strategy analyst with If you want a powerful suite of Webmaster tools (which I still use myself), you can download it here Webmaster Tools Download, with my compliments.You may reprint this article if done in total, including this resource box.

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