The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Address on Terrorism ( Part 2 )

Written by Arthur Zulu

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Fallacy 18. "Had we failed to act, Security Council resolution on Iraq would have been revealed as empty threats, weakeningrepparttar United Nations and encouraging defiance by dictators aroundrepparttar 126002 world. For all who love freedom and peace,repparttar 126003 world without Saddam Hussein's regime is a better and safer world." The UN is already weakened by this one-man show and it will soon be scrapped likerepparttar 126004 League of Nations before it. "Instead of alienating our allies," said Nancy Pelosi, " let us work with them and international institutions so that together we can preventrepparttar 126005 proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and keep them out ofrepparttar 126006 hands of terrorists." Saddam Hussein is notrepparttar 126007 ‘black devil' that will singularly ‘vanish'repparttar 126008 world.

The dictators are still defiant, and will continue to be defiant. North Korea is daring America andrepparttar 126009 world with her weapons of mass destruction, and is busy exporting it to other countries. And Nigeria,repparttar 126010 ‘giant' of Africa, is suspected to be acquiring missiles from this reclusive country in order to take care of allrepparttar 126011 ‘failed states' surrounding her. (Did someone say that Nigeria is also a ‘failed state'?) Not right. It only has a ‘local' Taliban. But instead of re-enacting a regime change in North Korea as in Iraq, America is beggingrepparttar 126012 country to play ball—two sides ofrepparttar 126013 same coin. Or it is because there are no oil wells inrepparttar 126014 ‘renegade' country? And wait a moment: Is anyone thinking of Fidel Castro? No, perhaps because he doesn't have an Arab blood, and he lives inrepparttar 126015 Far West. ( Is it true that Bush wants to killrepparttar 126016 old fishermen?)

Fallacy 19. "Some critics have said our duties in Iraq must be internationalized. This particular criticism is hard to explain to our partners in Britain, Australia, Japan... andrepparttar 126017 17 other countries that have committed troops to Iraqi." This list does not include allrepparttar 126018 permanent members ofrepparttar 126019 Security Council. France, Russia and China are missing. Even Germany, is not inrepparttar 126020 list. OK,repparttar 126021 reason is that it belongs to ‘Old Europe.' No, make it Axis of Weasels.

So, what can be said ofrepparttar 126022 countries that made uprepparttar 126023 coalition ofrepparttar 126024 willing? They must have hadrepparttar 126025 Bush mantra atrepparttar 126026 back of their minds: ‘If you are not with us, then you are against us.' Which nation does not want to be a friend of America? Think of American favors and financial rewards—and lucrative contracts in Iraq.

Fallacy 20. "Fromrepparttar 126027 beginning, America has sought international support for operations in Afganistan and Iraq." What is true of Afganistan can not be said of Iraq. A former Bush government official has revealed that fromrepparttar 126028 inception of George Bush's regime, it has been his resolve to over run Iraq and over throw Saddam. He didn't need international support to do so. Who was that former German government official who called Bush a Nazi? (These Germans know how to fish for trouble.)

Fallacy 21. "America will never seek a permission slip to defendrepparttar 126029 security of our people." That's a contradiction. Let's put it better: America did not seek international support for its war on Iraq.

Fallacy 22. "I believe that God has planted in every heartrepparttar 126030 desire to live in freedom. And even when that desire is crushed by tyranny for decades, it will rise again." That's very poetic. Butrepparttar 126031 poets are lying now, for there is an irony in that line. Becauserepparttar 126032 desire ‘to live in freedom' from those ‘crushed by tyranny for decades' is one ofrepparttar 126033 things that cause terrorism. The Palestinians know better. There is so much injustice and oppression in this world. And as long as man continues to dominate man to his injury, (to paraphrase King Solomon) terrorism will never end.

Fallacy 23. "To cut throughrepparttar 126034 barrier of hateful propaganda,repparttar 126035 Voice of America and other broadcast services are expanding their programming in Arabic and Persian and soon a new television service will begin providing reliable news and information acrossrepparttar 126036 region." The Arabs prefer Arabic radio and TV stations torepparttar 126037 Western media, which they view as sources ofrepparttar 126038 U.S. government propaganda. Therefore it is not reliable.

Fallacy 24. "And above all, we will finishrepparttar 126039 historic work of democracy in Afganistan and Iraq, so that those nations can lightrepparttar 126040 way for others, and help transform a troubled part ofrepparttar 126041 world." The grammarians call this wordiness. Ifrepparttar 126042 big democracies have not transformed a troubled world, is it these two hurriedly assembled ‘democracies' that will changerepparttar 126043 world? That would berepparttar 126044 1st wonder ofrepparttar 126045 new millenium. What a wonderful world!

Fallacy 25. "We have no desire to dominate, no ambition of empire." Was that a slip ofrepparttar 126046 tongue? Because that's howrepparttar 126047 world sees America—another cause of terrorism. It is no wonder that many young Arabs blamerepparttar 126048 US for their political and economic woes. In fact, they believe that American domination and her regime change policy would continue to sweep through Arab lands—from Iraq to Iran, Syria, North Korea, and who knows, some North African country.

The State ofrepparttar 126049 Union speech on terror, therefore, is full of doublespeak. Let us not coverrepparttar 126050 cracks onrepparttar 126051 wall. But let us begin by askingrepparttar 126052 right questions. What isrepparttar 126053 cause of terrorism? Is manrepparttar 126054 solution orrepparttar 126055 cause? Can terrorism be completely wiped out fromrepparttar 126056 face ofrepparttar 126057 earth? Isrepparttar 126058 world a better or worse place sincerepparttar 126059 war on terror, and what isrepparttar 126060 way out?

The world has gone through many dead-end passages in its history—from Vietnam to Pearl Harbor, from Bosnia to Rwanda and from Afganistan to Iraq. When would we seerepparttar 126061 light atrepparttar 126062 end ofrepparttar 126063 passage? Why can we not live in peace and security on this earth? Why is there so much hate in this world?

It is my hope that we begin to addressrepparttar 126064 political, economic, social, religious, health and environmental problems that give rise to this evil, and not byrepparttar 126065 wanton destruction of lives and property. That isrepparttar 126066 only way for generations unborn to see this earth.

If onrepparttar 126067 other hand, we continue chasing shadows, we will wake up one day to find thatrepparttar 126068 terrorists have setrepparttar 126069 earth on fire. And then we would all jump intorepparttar 126070 sea to surviverepparttar 126071 conflagration. And think ofrepparttar 126072 sharks and whales later. But too late. The world has ended!


ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, isrepparttar 126073 controversial author ofrepparttar 126074 best-selling book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that revealsrepparttar 126075 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126076 world on fire!)

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ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, is the controversial author of the best-selling book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that reveals the terrorists' master plan to finally set the world on fire!)

The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Address on Terrorism ( Part 1 )

Written by Arthur Zulu

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Fallacy 7. "The United States and our allies are determined. We refuse to live inrepparttar shadows of this ultimate danger." Right? Wrong! We must continue to live inrepparttar 126001 shadows ofrepparttar 126002 terrorists. This is because terrorism is as old asrepparttar 126003 history of man on this planet—6,000 years. We have never left its shadows. Rather, terrorism continues to increase withrepparttar 126004 passing ofrepparttar 126005 day. It is no wonder that Time Magazine remarks: "Determining whetherrepparttar 126006 West is gaining inrepparttar 126007 fight against terrorism requires interpreting shadowy, shapeless data. Yet this much can be safely said: international terrorism existed long before 9/11 and will continue long after that."

This isrepparttar 126008 message of my published book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that revealsrepparttar 126009 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126010 world on fire! ) Terrorism starts fromrepparttar 126011 heart and mind, and this is fueled byrepparttar 126012 hypocrisy and double standard in this world—two things that are not in a hurry to go away. In this regard, killings and destruction will exacerbate, rather than stop terrorism. When willrepparttar 126013 world addressrepparttar 126014 issues that cause this evil, instead of chasing shadows?

Fallacy 8. "The first to see our determination wererepparttar 126015 Taliban, who made Afganistanrepparttar 126016 primary training base of al-Qaida killers. As of this month, that free country has a new constitution, guaranteeing free election and full participation by women." Afganistan is not a free nation. Terrorist attacks and bombings arerepparttar 126017 order ofrepparttar 126018 day—signifying thatrepparttar 126019 Taliban and al-Qaeda are back. Warlords are also doing their thing. The only ‘free' place in Afganistan isrepparttar 126020 capital Kabul. Some Afgans even long forrepparttar 126021 return ofrepparttar 126022 Taliban because of security concerns. Democracy itself is not an insurance against terrorism—some ‘democrats' are known to terrorize their subjects. Ask Zimbabweans.

Fallacy 9. "Since we last met in this chamber, combat forces ofrepparttar 126023 United States, Great Britain, Austrialia, Poland and other countries enforcedrepparttar 126024 demands ofrepparttar 126025 United Nations, endedrepparttar 126026 rule of Saddam Hussein—andrepparttar 126027 people of Iraq are free." The U.N. did not send any country to invade Iraq and change its regime. It was a unilateral action, a pre-emptive war, which itself is a weapon of mass destruction. Says Nancy Pelosi: "But evenrepparttar 126028 most powerful nation in history must bring other nations to our side to meet common dangers. The President's policies do not reflect that. He has pursued a go-it-alone foreign policy that leaves us isolated abroad and that stealsrepparttar 126029 resources we need for education and health care here at home."

The Iraqi government was toppled onrepparttar 126030 excuse that it possessed dangerous weapons that could sinkrepparttar 126031 world in 45 minutes. (Sorry, Lord Hutton has cleared British Prime Minister Tony Blair, for sexing uprepparttar 126032 report on Iraq. Let's blamerepparttar 126033 BBC.) But about a year afterrepparttar 126034 invasion andrepparttar 126035 collateral damage of Iraq—and after a thorough search ofrepparttar 126036 deserts and tunnels in that country, no such weapons have been found! Again inrepparttar 126037 words of Nancy Pelosi: "The President led us intorepparttar 126038 Iraqi war onrepparttar 126039 basis of unproven assertions without evidence; he embraced a radical doctrine of pre-emptive war unprecedented in our history; and he failed to build a true international coalition."

Fallacy 10. "These killers, joined by foreign terrorists, are a serious, continuing danger. Yet we are making progress against them." This was in reference torepparttar 126040 American war in Iraq. The President did not mentionrepparttar 126041 over 500 American troops that have been killed andrepparttar 126042 thousands that are wounded. Nor did he mentionrepparttar 126043 scores of daily attacks against American soldiers, orrepparttar 126044 crashing planes. Is it progress when servicemen and women are killed or maimed? This reminds me ofrepparttar 126045 saying: winningrepparttar 126046 war is not winningrepparttar 126047 peace.

(To be concluded)

ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, isrepparttar 126048 controversial author ofrepparttar 126049 best-selling book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that revealsrepparttar 126050 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126051 world on fire!)

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ARTHUR ZULU, an editor and book reviewer, is the controversial author of the best-selling book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream. (A book that reveals the terrorists' master plan to finally set the world on fire!)

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