The 21st Century Way To Build Equity

Written by B.F. Boggan

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RFID Spychips! Grocery Store Surveillance

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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More and more giant retailers like Walmart are requiring suppliers to use RFID technology. The German chain Metro Group, which operates 2300 stores in Europe and Asia has demandedrepparttar same of their suppliers. Metro Group has gone even further with RFID to operate what they callrepparttar 133525 "Store ofrepparttar 133526 future" where shoppers needn't remove items from shopping carts to pay for them. They simply pass by RFID readers and all items will be tallied and paid for. Metro stores provide RFID tagged "loyalty cards" to consumers that identifies those shoppers by reading within purses and wallets as those consumers enter and leave any ofrepparttar 133527 2300 Metro stores.

Business Week Article on Metro Future Stores Protest

Target Stores announced this month that they too, would be requiring suppliers to RFID tag atrepparttar 133528 pallet and case level by 2005.

Privacy loving Americans may not stand forrepparttar 133529 "Big Brother" implications of a system like that used byrepparttar 133530 German retail chain. An anti-RFID web site has been launched by privacy advocates and named "Spychips" forrepparttar 133531 ability ofrepparttar 133532 chips to track consumers and link their buying habits to other personally identifiable information.

A recent piece by technology commentator Jeffrey Harrow has a chilling description of how RFID technology might betray consumers movements and link their buying habits in a huge database. Harrow is a consultant and analyst of emerging technology. He often comments on privacy implications related to implementation of emerging technology. ------------------------------------------------------------- Harrow paints a harrowing picture of RFID readers.

"The issue is that these many sensors . . . would also note repparttar 133533 passing of your car key's unique ID;repparttar 133534 unique ID of your driver's license, and evenrepparttar 133535 unique ID of each and every dollar bill in your wallet. ... And if allrepparttar 133536 chains' main computers and those of smaller stores made this mass of random information available to say, a Marketing firm, or to other stores along your path (for a fee, of course), or to a government organization upon demand, then a very detailed picture of "You" - your travel habits, your spending habits (remember those individually tagged dollar bills?), almost everything about you, could be mixed, matched and dissected in ways that you might, or might not, agree with. This might berepparttar 133537 ultimate "data mining" warehouse."

Harrow Technology Report

RFID is publicly discussed only by technology enthusiasts like Harrow and a few privacy advocates concerned aboutrepparttar 133538 implications of that "data mining warehouse". But as those RFID chips supplant barcodes overrepparttar 133539 next couple of years, we'll be hearing from privacy advocates whenrepparttar 133540 Big Brother implications become clearer to consumers. Mark your calendar for early in 2005 and prepare to weatherrepparttar 133541 coming storm of privacy concerns that could reach hurricane proportions.

------------------------------------------------------------ Mike Banks Valentine is a web journalist covering privacy issues where you can learn about Automotive Event Data Recorders or EDR's, Computer SpyWare, Identity Theft, Surveillance, HIPAA, COPPA, TIA, GLB and privacy implications of the USA Patriot Act.

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