The #1 eBay Title Strategy Secret: And why you should use it!

Written by Jason James

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And even if your product phrase does return a link to 'Low Prices on eBay', you'll want to check to see how many other items are listed in eBay within that category. If it is more than 100 - it may not be worth doing.

But, if you do offer products withinrepparttar niches and subniches that returnrepparttar 147930 'Low Prices on eBay' link on a Google search, and if those niches are not crowded with lots of items for sale, it is probably worth your while to place an auction listing on eBay for your product - just so you show up onrepparttar 147931 Google/eBay Link.

This may not sound like much of a strategy . . . but look again at how it works.

Search Google for 'Flute', clickrepparttar 147932 'low prices at eBay' link, and look atrepparttar 147933 products you found. Those companies who are offering those products got your attention with just two or three clicks - and they are offering exactly what you searched for (in this case 'flute').

Is that target marketing or what?

Then consider all those companies that also offer Flutes, but don't have auction listings on eBay. You didn't see them did you? Because after you got torepparttar 147934 eBay listings, there was really no reason to return to

Sorepparttar 147935 companies that had auction listings on eBay forrepparttar 147936 product you searched for on Google probably got your business (if you were interested in flutes). Even if they don't have a web site - they win.

Leverage is everything - paying attentionrepparttar 147937 overlooked and underutilized can make you a fortune.

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Temporary Staffing Agency: How to Start

Written by Randy Wilson

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A temporary staffing agency isrepparttar middleman between two distinct markets: clients and associates.

It is usually not a difficult matter to reach hundreds of applicants with simple help wanted advertisements. More focus will probably be placed on connecting with client companies and convincing them that your services will help their businesses.

Certain industries seem more receptive to temporary staffing. Financial institutions and other office-centric companies are constantly seeking qualified office support staff. Factories frequently need labor for light industrial work, product assembly, and shipping and receiving tasks. Hospitals and clinics use temporary medical staffing to hire transcriptionists, certified nursing professionals, and other support staff. Increasingly, high-technology companies hire computer programmers, database specialists, and systems engineers on a temporary basis through agencies specializing in technical placements.

Tips for Success:

  • Develop a niche!

    In larger markets, providers of temporary staffing services have found it useful to branch into niches such as temporary medical staffing, legal, financial, or technical fields. The focused nature of these agencies allows recruiters to build a pool of highly-educated, trained, and experienced associates who are able to providerepparttar 147929 best service to clients within a particular industry.

    A hospital executive would feel more comfortable contracting nurses from an agency dedicated to temporary medical staffing than from a one-stop-shop that also places welders, janitors, and filing clerks. This confidence also helps associates to command better wages than they might otherwise receive through a general-service temporary staffing agency.

  • Automate!

    Much ofrepparttar 147930 work of running a temporary staffing agency can be automated by computer software. Well-designed database software can easerepparttar 147931 process of matching qualified associates with appropriate job openings. Accounting operations can be very heavily automated (but working closely with a good accountant is still advised). With these tools in place, just two major tasks remain: finding clients and finding associates.

  • Use your own services!

    Asrepparttar 147932 business grows, it will become necessary to add staff to handlerepparttar 147933 recruitment and marketing. That should never be difficult, since typically dozens or hundreds of qualified candidates are already in contact withrepparttar 147934 agency!

    Training, Skills or Experience Needed:

    Recruiters are at an advantage with a background in human resources, business management, and marketing. A degree is not essential for startingrepparttar 147935 business, butrepparttar 147936 knowledge gained through a business management program is immensely helpful. People skills are important, and can be learned through experience and self study. Numerous books have been published, specifically addressing temporary staffing as a business opportunity.

    Helpful Books or Trade Publications:

  • The acclaimed book Strategic Staffing, by Thomas P. Bechet, is geared toward employers; however, it is also an invaluable resource for providers of temporary staffing services, who are frequently consulted in matters of workforce planning. With this book under your belt, you will be in a position to providerepparttar 147937 best advice to your clients.

  • A Strategic Model of Temporary Staffing, by Kay Glasgow, presents a scientific inquiry into current and future trends involvingrepparttar 147938 employment of temporary staffing services.

  • Start Your Own Staffing Service (Startup) (Paperback)

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