The #1 Way to Overcome Procrastination

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

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So how do you overcome this powerful procrastination tendency? By asking yourself *why* you keep doing it. Is it because you feel inadequate to completerepparttar task? Or does thinking about doing it make you uncomfortable? Or do you feel that if you can't do something perfectly, you don't want to do it t all? Once you understandrepparttar 101988 "why" behind procrastinating, you've taken a major first step towards dealing with it.

In my situation with that miserable piece of paper, I'd felt inadequate to performrepparttar 101989 task correctly. I needed more information. Once I realized that, I was able to take steps to getrepparttar 101990 information I needed, andrepparttar 101991 urge to putrepparttar 101992 task off disappeared.

What if I had realized instead that I was uncomfortable performingrepparttar 101993 task? Let's sayrepparttar 101994 assignment was something that struck me as unethical, or that I perceived would cause me harm or embarrassment. Again, had I come to these realizations, I would better know what steps to take to address them. Maybe I would have expressed these concerns to my boss, instead of simply asking her for clarification, or perhaps I would have suggested that it be reassigned to someone more capable of performing it safely.

As for perfectionism...this is perhapsrepparttar 101995 most potent cause for procrastination. While striving to do one's very best in each endeavor is admirable, settling for nothing less than perfect stops us from even trying. Atrepparttar 101996 1976 Olympics Nadia Comaneci made history, becoming repparttar 101997 first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10. Could she have achieved such an accomplishment without a great deal of efforts, or hundreds of hours of practice? Of course not.

So, if you're putting off something that means a great deal to you, ask yourself: Is it because you feel inadequate to perform it? Then turn to those who can help you sharpen your skills. Doesrepparttar 101998 task cause you discomfort? Perhaps you need to break it down into smaller tasks, until you can build up a comfort level that allows you to try something greater. Are you a perfectionist? Recognizerepparttar 101999 truth in "practice makes perfect," and practice, practice, practice.

And one more thing--try not to ever handlerepparttar 102000 same piece of paper twice.

Mary Anne Hahn is a freelance writer who wants to encourage others to follow their dreams. If you're looking to start an online business on a shoestring budget, she invites you to join her at , or email her for more information, mailto: .

To Start Succeeding, Stop Pushing

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Using your subconscious mind to be drawn into success is so much simpler than pushing yourself unmercifully right OUT of success.

Partnering with your subconscious, you will be amazed atrepparttar brilliant solutions you create over very little time.

A variation of this technique is used in test taking: you may have learned it when you were younger. In college, one professor advised me to readrepparttar 101987 entire test through before starting to answer any questions.

This way, for any answers you are not clear on, your subconscious will immediately begin searching forrepparttar 101988 answers while you are busily responding to those questions you knowrepparttar 101989 answers for immediately.

Its like when you are digging around your brain for someone's name, or a book title, or a movie, and you say, "Shoot! I know what it is, I just can't remember right now!" and twenty minutes later you will shout (seemingly out of nowhere) "A Wrinkle in Time! That'srepparttar 101990 book I read in sixth grade by Madeliene L'Engle!" or "Russell Crowe won best actor last year!"

Your brain has an even more amazing search function than your computer. Using this function will empower you to stop pushing your way to semi-success. You will now be able to flow your way into flourishing prosperity.

Reviewrepparttar 101991 three steps and ask yourselfrepparttar 101992 questions.

Allow yourself to receiverepparttar 101993 answers while not being overly concerned withrepparttar 101994 immediate answer. Instead, knowrepparttar 101995 perfect answer is already within you.

Embracerepparttar 101996 truth that to truly start succeeding, it is most fruitful to stop pushing.

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. To subscribe to her newest ezine, Daily Passion Activator, the Little Ezine with the Powerful impact send a blank email or via web: to subscribe today.

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