The #1 Secret For Building Website Traffic

Written by Rick Rouse

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Adding fresh content on a regular basis isrepparttar true secret to expanding your traffic levels. You'll receive more and more new visitors allrepparttar 138793 time, and they'll keep coming back!

So how do you go about adding new content? First of all, set a goal of adding at least two new articles to your website each and every day. Two articles per day isn't much really, but it adds up to 730 new pages per year. That's at least 730 new "roads" into your site fromrepparttar 138794 search engines!

So where do I getrepparttar 138795 content to add to my site? The best place to find new content is inside your head - write articles about a topic that's related torepparttar 138796 overall theme of your site. Spend a few minutes a day doing some research onrepparttar 138797 web. Remember, Google is your friend. Just be sure you don't plagiarize (copy) someone else's work. Not only is it unethical, it's quite dangerous forrepparttar 138798 long-term survival and success of your website!

The process is really quite simple: Research, read, and learn. Then write an article of your own explaining what you have learned. That's it! You don't have to be a great writer who produces polished novels, you simply have to be able to get your points across.

If you simply cannot write (or have no desire to try), there are thousands of high-quality articles available onrepparttar 138799 web on virtually ANY topic that are free forrepparttar 138800 taking. All that's usually required is a link back torepparttar 138801 author's site in a short "bio" section atrepparttar 138802 end ofrepparttar 138803 article.

There are many websites onrepparttar 138804 Internet that offer tons of these "free content" articles. Just do a Google search for "free content".

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3 Ways to Build Your Web Traffic Quickly

Written by Rob Wood

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Yahoo! Listing Ė Itísrepparttar most popular site onrepparttar 138623 internet and itís where many companies go to get listed. Itís also responsible for about 50% of all internet searches. You can get your site reviewed quickly for about $200 (though they do not guarantee to list everything so make sure your page looks professional and has good content. Even then it is still a gamble). It is expensive but your site WILL get seen by a lot of people if you get a listing with Yahoo! One good tip is to try to title your site with a letter towardsrepparttar 138624 beginning ofrepparttar 138625 alphabet asrepparttar 138626 listings go in alphabetical order. That way you will be in front of your competitors.

These techniques can have a very fast effect on your website traffic. The first two should send your stats up within a few days and combined withrepparttar 138627 Yahoo listing, see them stay high. Itís a lot of work, and maybe a little cash, but these three techniques combined can have your site getting thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors per month.

Rob Wood Lotís Of Clicks Website Traffic Ė Fast!

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