The #1 Reason More People Don’t Succeed in Their Home Business

Written by Danny Gamache

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Why should this be any different when you start your home business? Of course you’ll be nervous, of course you’ll be scared about getting started – that is because you are getting out of your comfort zone. In fact in a home business you have a right to be even more nervous than when you went to your first day onrepparttar job becauserepparttar 117567 skills in most cases are so much different.

But rememberrepparttar 117568 good news. The more you went to work at your job,repparttar 117569 easier it because, and eventually it became comfortable. The same will happen in your home business as long as you let it. Here you don’t have a boss telling you to go and makerepparttar 117570 call, you need to do it yourself. You need to personally takerepparttar 117571 initiative to get out of your comfort zone. As a great leader in my business often says, “Anything you persist in doing becomes easier, not becauserepparttar 117572 task itself is any easier but because your abilities [and comfort] level increase making it easier.”

Every time you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone makes you stronger. Every time you pick uprepparttar 117573 phone to make a call it will get easier and more comfortable. The more presentations you do for your businessrepparttar 117574 better you’ll feel about doing presentations. Your comfort zone just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I once heard a list of promises to do everyday that will ensure you will continue to grow and have a successful life. The one thing from that list I remember is to promise yourself that each day you will do something that scares you. In other words do something each day that is out of your comfort zone. I challenge you today to make that promise to yourself and then record each day, what you did to get out of your comfort zone that day. Let this principle fill your whole life, more than just your business. Get out of your comfort zone and invite someone to church with you; get out of your comfort zone and share your faith with someone; get out of your comfort zone and tell someone you love them; get out of your comfort zone and have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding – simply put get out of your comfort zone!

As you do this day by day your comfort zone will expand, you’ll also be more comfortable in making that initial step out of your comfort zone. Remember little steps forward are a lot better than not moving at all. If you do this, and are willing to daily expand your comfort zone, you will be a success inrepparttar 117575 home-business industry – there is simply nothing that can stop you!

Danny Gamache Editor – A Christian Networker’s Perspective

Easy Ways To Get The Family Involved In Your Home Business!

Written by BB Lee

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-Assign your older children to answeringrepparttar business telephone. Taking messages. Running important errands torepparttar 117566 post office or purchasing needed office supplies. Consider paying older children a nominal salary if your budget allows.

-Assign your spouse to checking your email, downloading important files, helping with accounting or financial statements. Or delegate your spouse to research special projects.

-Once a week have a business meeting with your spouse and children. Discuss where you are now and where you seerepparttar 117567 home business in a year. Discuss any new projects, task, or assignments. Discuss openly any problems. Letrepparttar 117568 children and your spouse add their input into how they would like to seerepparttar 117569 business managed.

Use these suggestions to meetrepparttar 117570 unique challenges you may face in running a home business. Make it a family affair! And, remember, running a home business is not like running a corporation. Ultimately, you must realize it isrepparttar 117571 family that is most important.

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