The 15 Most Powerful Words and Phrases to Apply on Your Resume

Written by Anthony Ranieri

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Below are some examples of power phrases I have used to demonstrate my achievements:

"Managed business downsizing and redundancy program eventually leading to business closure for a large automotive components manufacturer and successfully negotiated redundancy conditions withrepparttar union."

"Formulated and implemented comprehensive strategic competency based training model for a division of a large blue chip Australian company." Managed a department of up to 5 diverse human resource professionals and several key contract and facilities providers."

"Contributed to financial year budget cost-down process by reducingrepparttar 109427 HR budget by up to 10%." "Lodged successful tenders for $50,000 in training funding to deliver a broad range of industry specific competency based programs atrepparttar 109428 workplace." Achieved approximately $200,000 productivity savings by negotiating and implementing 3 key productivity items resulting from enterprise bargaining negotiations."

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Naming Hurricanes

Written by Edward Vella

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The Tropical Prediction Center in Miami, FL keeps a constant watch on oceanic storm-breeding grounds. Once a system with counterclockwise circulation and wind speeds of 39 mph or greater is identified,repparttar Center givesrepparttar 109426 storm a name fromrepparttar 109427 list forrepparttar 109428 current year. The letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z are not included because ofrepparttar 109429 scarcity of names beginning with those letters. Names associated with storms that have caused significant death and/or damage are usually retired fromrepparttar 109430 list.

For a list of allocated hurricane names visit

One final note onrepparttar 109431 origin ofrepparttar 109432 word hurricane itself. The native Caribs lived inrepparttar 109433 Yucatan region and worshipped their God of storms which was named Hurican. The Mayans of Guatemala also worshiped Hurican, for them he wasrepparttar 109434 God ofrepparttar 109435 sky and creator of storms. Whenrepparttar 109436 region was invaded byrepparttar 109437 Spanish, violent storms started to be named huracans. Since this type of storm does not occur in Europe, it is after contact with this region thatrepparttar 109438 English finally adoptedrepparttar 109439 hurricane word in their vocabulary.

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