The 10 Myths of Successful Selling

Written by John Mitchell

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Myth #8 Great products sell themselves

Myth #9 Making a benefit statement isrepparttar best way to open a sales call

Myth #10 All customers make up their minds inrepparttar 127287 first 4 minutes

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John Mitchell is President and CEO of Inclusic, a company providing sales and marketing outsourcing in the UK and USA. He was a top performer in IBM sales for 5 consecutive years; Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 500 company; and CEO of a NASDAQ listed consulting company. John has written for the London Economist and has been guest lecturer at NYU, London Business School and Swiss Banking School.


Written by P J Chandler

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6. Deploy a site search facility on big sites - make it easy for people to find what they want.

7. Include offline contact information - some customers may want to telephone for specific information and a real world postal address is reassuring to buyers.

8. Use testimonials - they reassure buyers and show evidence of your product quality.

9. Give something away - free ebooks are becoming a popular way to communicate with customers. Take a look atrepparttar example below and see how this could work for you.

10. Keep graphics to a minimum - bloated image files can extend download times beyond surfers' patience threshold - according to a recent survey about 30 seconds.

Take a look at your site afresh: pretend you have never seen it before and see what simple steps you can take to improve your customers' online experience. You will undoubtedly reap rewards inrepparttar 127286 form of increased profits.

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