The (Online) B-School Advantage

Written by Alexa Apallas

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But perhapsrepparttar greatest advantage of earning a degree online isrepparttar 140147 fact that classes are open 24 hours a day, so evenrepparttar 140148 busiest person can make time to learn.

“My biggest regret about my participation inrepparttar 140149 Regis University Online MBA program is that I did not enroll sooner,” says Chuck Jaape of Florida. “Why did I wait? I was too busy to go to school. Did my load suddenly lighten, allowing time for studies? Absolutely not! It simply occurred to me that I would always be ‘too busy,’ so I jumped in. I work 55 hours a week, have two small children and a wife who works. I foundrepparttar 140150 program to be manageable because I could go to class anytime, day or night. I foundrepparttar 140151 program to have more depth, because my fellow learners were all as committed as I was.”

Most online programs typically offer MBA degrees in two years. At Regis University, students can takerepparttar 140152 12 course program one class at a time and still finish inrepparttar 140153 standard 24 months. Orrepparttar 140154 driven student may look for an accelerated program, like Regis’ MBA Fast Track — taking their first four courses one at a time, then doubling up on their classes to earnrepparttar 140155 degree in only 16 months.

Online students should expect to receive just as much support as their on-campus counterparts, if not more. At Regis University, they have a full virtual-campus – including multi-media courses featuring streaming video, access to Regis University’s Dayton Memorial Library, and a dedicated academic advisor. And if any technical problems should arise, Regis University’s partner, University Alliance, is on hand to offer technical support. And if that weren’t enough, after graduation students can joinrepparttar 140156 alumni association and make networking connections that could help them find their next job. Keep in mind that all universities do not offer all these benefits – so make sure you ask plenty of questions.

MBA holders make more money and move uprepparttar 140157 career ladder faster. And programs like Regis University’s online MBA have taken away allrepparttar 140158 obstacles to earning that advanced degree. So there are no more excuses – you can learn at your own pace; on your own time. And inrepparttar 140159 case of Regis University, you have allrepparttar 140160 resources of a traditional campus to back you up. There’s nothing stopping you now.

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Why You Need to Do Bully Maintenance to Protect Your Child

Written by Paula McCoach

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97% ofrepparttar bullying stops much easierrepparttar 140055 second or even third time around if you and your child continue to confront it. You will win!

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