The 'Toilet Philosophy'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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It appears to stupid and simple ‘me’, thatrepparttar secrets of science are worth sharing and enabling all mankind with. Through open examination rather than pedagogical pedantry of proselytes,repparttar 147301 proletariat might well understand and seek fairness fromrepparttar 147302 priesthoods of greed and power. Time may not be on our side but we can create amazing things if we can garner enough energy and spirit torepparttar 147303 common cause of all men in Brotherhood. With just a few trusted people who haverepparttar 147304 ear ofrepparttar 147305 populace a new ethic could quickly evolve or return. The possibility presented through honesty and a willingness to nurture and negotiate has beenrepparttar 147306 realm of women and thus they becamerepparttar 147307 designated scapegoats ofrepparttar 147308 ‘Original Sin’. Our soul innately knowsrepparttar 147309 truth of Brotherhood andrepparttar 147310 appeals to ego are not more powerful than a soul allowed to speak torepparttar 147311 mind, without interpreters who sell fear and salvation.

The soul is very connected torepparttar 147312 harmonic interplay of all energy andrepparttar 147313 earth has vectors and valences as well as vortices of energy. The Gaian scientists like Lovelock were onrepparttar 147314 right track but he was usurped and marginalization of his concepts resulted. There is a great deal of research ongoing inrepparttar 147315 realms and chasms Dr. Robins addressed and he may be quite correct to have usedrepparttar 147316 word SECRET inrepparttar 147317 title of his book.

Some people think things are different now, and that there is a move towards ecumenicism such asrepparttar 147318 Iesa or Iesus concept wanted in Brotherhood. Here we seerepparttar 147319 nature of that so-called ecumenicism today.

“I was delighted to hear; recently, that a few hundred representatives of different faiths met during a special United Nations forum in New York calledrepparttar 147320 ‘Millennium Peace Summit.’ Pleading to stop violence inrepparttar 147321 name of religion and promote tolerance was one ofrepparttar 147322 main messages that came out ofrepparttar 147323 summit. Great; that effort at unified spirituality is what we need in order to promote world peace.

But only a few days later,repparttar 147324 Vatican through its Doctrine ofrepparttar 147325 Faith Office (the CDF), which not so long ago was namedrepparttar 147326 Office ofrepparttar 147327 Inquisition, issued a document (Dominus Iesus) announcing that not all religions, including other Christian denominations, are equal and that onlyrepparttar 147328 Roman Catholic Church isrepparttar 147329 proper church. One step forward, two steps back. Go figure.” (2)


1) The Forge andrepparttar 147330 Crucible, by Mircae Eliade, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1956 by Flammarion, 1978 by Eliade, 2nd Edition, pg.129. 2) Shortcut to Spirituality, masteringrepparttar 147331 art of inner peace, by Bob Gottfried, Ph. D., Deeper Dimension Publishing, North York, Ontario, Canada, 2004, pg. 43.

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Africa - A poem for politicians Everywhere!

Written by John Roberts

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Would probably give thousands of villages, Access to clean water. And if every politician, inrepparttar world, Gave just one tenth of their wages. It would feed millions of people in Africa, Help them survive for ages. If we must invade some countries, Because of ‘principles' so high. How about those, spending money on weapons, While their people die. Conglomerates make huge profits, Feeding those, already obese. So why can't they spare some millions, To help fight this disease? So Mister Politician, if you are itching to invade, Let's all invade Africa, with help and love and aid!

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