The 'Secret' To Website Success Revealed

Written by David Holmes

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Andrepparttar 'Super Gurus', (who you now know by name), are offering to sell you there secrets for a mere $200. But common sense tells you there is no secret. So you go back to work pruning and rearranging your site over and over. Cool. Now your rank on google is going up. That's great. You get a few letters from people telling you how they love your site. Just enough pats onrepparttar 128255 back to keep you going, but not enough to pay your bills. You're not even breaking even. Just before you throw inrepparttar 128256 towel you read where 90% of websites fail because they give up withinrepparttar 128257 first year. After a year you read that 90% of websites fail because they quit before 2 years. So you go back to work. You call it work even though you're not getting paid. You start to wonder if you've got nothing more than a very expensive hobby, or worse an addiction! And round and round you go, not realizing that you're learning everyday. And you make up your mind to never quit. You find yourself wanting to hug everyone who spends a few minutes on your site. You are proud of your accomplishments, so you go back to work and wonder how long or if ever you will make money doing something you love so much. And that isrepparttar 128258 secret. There. I gave it to you for free. Did you miss it? I'll say it again. The secret is you love what you're doing. You love your site. You constantly read about how to make it better. You never give up. For someone like that, time is on your side. You will eventually succeed, but success is secondary if you are doing something you love. You've seen sites that are obviously ghost houses. So badly neglected with broken links and out of date information. That's a failure. You spend everyday doing something to your site. If you don't know what to do, there's always an HTML validator that will tell you a million things that are wrong with your site. There's websites and newsletters giving away free information. You'll read something that makes you run to your site and change something. It's always getting better. Everyday is a day to improve something. Everyday is aday to get just one more person to land on your site. You are blessed if you love your site and are teachable. Those that think they know it all can't be taught anything, because they think they already know it. In fact, tonight throw a party for yourself. You have are a wonderful asset torepparttar 128259 world wide net and you already are a success. Celebrate, then tomorrow go back to work.

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Can Newbies Repair Their Search Engine Listing?

Written by Francisco Aloy

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With their resent Natural language initiative, it's clear Yahoo wants web pages that are very readable. Be careful not to let "keyword loading" affectrepparttar easy readability of your website.



Once you've done all that you can think of to clean-up your Website, contactrepparttar 128254 Search Engines and offer them an explanation while asking for a review of your Website. Keep it short and businesslike and ask any pertinent questions. Considerrepparttar 128255 SE staff is composed of people just like you. We all make mistakes! Believe me, they have many years of experience dealing with Newbies; they can also spot a slick operator.

You might have to wait some time depending on their schedule for crawling your neck ofrepparttar 128256 Web. Look at your server logs to see an average time between SE crawling.

A note of caution:

I don't see why inrepparttar 128257 world a Newbie would deal with technology that artificially enhances web pages. There are plenty inrepparttar 128258 market extolling their virtues. I've done research on many of them and consider them only useful inrepparttar 128259 hands of an experienced Webmaster.

If you MUST use any of them, build a dummy website to test all your ideas before you build your dream website. I've heard of folks with much more experience getting their site banned for using some ofrepparttar 128260 artificial enhancement technologies.

If you followrepparttar 128261 above guides, you will repair your Search Engine listing. Your Website will return to its former Search Engine friendly ranking. Keep your eyes open forrepparttar 128262 next time and do your best not to make any more mistakes. Take a deep breath and move on, that much wiser forrepparttar 128263 experience.

by Francisco Aloy

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