The ‘Sub-Domain’ - An Affiliate’s Friend

Written by Stephen Brennan

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Obviously, having a ‘generic’ main domain name is essential to gettingrepparttar best out of this cost, time and trouble saving method of creating multiple websites. If you have a main domain name ‘’ (perhaps your initial Affiliate endeavor involved promoting this type of product) it is really only going to be useful forrepparttar 146212 one type of product or service. Alternatively, something more generic like ‘’ is going to be useful for promoting almost anything because it has no specific meaning. For instance, inrepparttar 146213 case of promoting a Singles Dating Affiliate program, something like ‘’ would work as well as ‘’ or even ‘’. However, ‘’ just doesn’t work, does it? (Although, I have seen some pretty weird URLs around!)

The only problem you will be presented with, concernsrepparttar 146214 traffic ranking facility Alexa. Alexa will read all sub-domains as their parent ‘main domain’, sorepparttar 146215 traffic ranking for each website will berepparttar 146216 same, as will allrepparttar 146217 other Alexa information. However, this isn’t such a great problem when you consider thatrepparttar 146218 total traffic indicated for each website will actually berepparttar 146219 total for ALL of them. In my opinion, not so much of a problem, at all.

So, forrepparttar 146220 Affiliate at least, choosingrepparttar 146221 right type of domain name and a hosting facility that includes multiple sub-domains in their package is very important, especially if there’s any possibility that you’re going to be venturing into promoting unrelated products and services. The first hosting facility I was involved with a few years ago, charged $10 to create each sub-domain. The one I've been with forrepparttar 146222 last couple of years, allows unlimited free sub-domains (contact me at one of my websites if you want to know who they are).

Stephen Brennan is the author of the popular ebook title ‘The Affiliate Guide Book’ – The Definitive guide to Affiliate SUCCESS. He also runs The Home Based Business and Affiliate Center and HomeBasedBiz Safelist.

Dead Domains - find out How to give them a Good Send Off

Written by E Margaret MacGillivray

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What can you do about those unwanted, unprofitable domain names which you have marketed so assiduously?

You have several options.

·You could put a “This domain is for sale” notice on your web site and see if someone will make you an offer. ·Consider selling your complete web site – it may be that your competitors are interested in your site. ·Allowrepparttar domain name to lapse and someone else may benefit from your work; - butrepparttar 144705 best solution may be to ·Keep your domain registration up to date and sell it at online auction at

There’s more! …. Have you also spotted that some domain name registrars are putting up a “this domain may be for sale” page if you allow your registration to lapse for more than three or four days and they are redirecting your web site to their name servers and their own directory site. This is happening only a few days after your domain should have been renewed. Arguably domain registrars have a right to do this, as it is in their terms and conditions of contract. However, for yourepparttar 144706 consequences might be loss of search engine ranking, if you still wish to maintain your web site. It certainly also means loss of control ofrepparttar 144707 domain if you do wish to sell it.

In these circumstances, we recommend renewingrepparttar 144708 domain registration, even if you do not pay for hosting; then YOU can choose how to sellrepparttar 144709 domain and if you’d like to testrepparttar 144710 waters by auctioning your web site at That’s how you can give your unwanted domains a good send off!

Margaret MacGillivray is a self-confessed domain-aholic! – She has bought and sold domains and web sites and software for several years now. Find out more at - where listing your domain for sale is free, with a modest commission paid only if it is sold.

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