The $27,000 Toilet Seat - A Funny DIY Story

Written by Paul Forte

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He determined that it would be necessary to cut outrepparttar tee inrepparttar 142771 stack whererepparttar 142772 closet bent was attached since he had no idea how to repair old lead piping. He thought using that nifty PVC from Home Depot would dorepparttar 142773 trick. He tried to cutrepparttar 142774 cast iron stack with a hacksaw to no avail, then tried a sawzall, also fruitless, so.... yep, out comesrepparttar 142775 good old chisel and hammer, but a bigger hammer this time.

He whacks onrepparttar 142776 stack a few mighty blows and Viola' it splits into several pieces with one tiny segment still holding it all together. He priedrepparttar 142777 last vestige of solid pipe out ofrepparttar 142778 wall with a crowbar and suddenlyrepparttar 142779 remaining section of pipe (the vent going throughrepparttar 142780 roof) lets go and with a mighty crash comes down and out ofrepparttar 142781 wall throughrepparttar 142782 sub floor intorepparttar 142783 now plaster less ceiling ofrepparttar 142784 living room, continues its downward decent until it hitsrepparttar 142785 TV set, ricocheting off that and throughrepparttar 142786 floor ofrepparttar 142787 living room until it hitrepparttar 142788 electrical panel plungingrepparttar 142789 house into total darkness and finally comes to rest after shearing offrepparttar 142790 main water shut off valve floodingrepparttar 142791 basement.

This was a $27,000 toilet seat replacement.

Paul Forte has been in the construction field for over 25 years. For more Do It Yourself Stories visit:

Conservatory Blinds Revisited

Written by Garry John

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- Decoration/furnishing

Roman blinds, pleated blinds,repparttar natural beauty of wooden blinds –repparttar 142706 conservatory blinds that you choose are a part ofrepparttar 142707 room’s décor. The right choice can add drama, subtly blend intorepparttar 142708 natural surroundings or play offrepparttar 142709 colors and textures of other furnishings inrepparttar 142710 room for a coordinated style.

- To protect furnishings and floors

The UV rays ofrepparttar 142711 sun can damagerepparttar 142712 fine wood and fabrics of your carpets, wood floors and upholstered furniture. Conservatory blinds provide a protection forrepparttar 142713 investment you’ve made in floors and furnishings for your conservatory.

Roof blinds are available as either exterior or interior conservatory blinds, in a wide variety of styles and colors. Both styles are custom-fitted to your windows for a perfect fit to reducerepparttar 142714 glare and heat fromrepparttar 142715 sun. Exterior conservatory blinds are a bit more expensive, but offer superior heat reduction. They’re usually fitted with a motorized control to make drawingrepparttar 142716 blinds a simple matter of pushing a button or pulling a cord.

Conservatory blinds for your windows come in nearly allrepparttar 142717 same varieties as regular window blinds. You can choose from pleated Roman conservatory blinds, pinoleum blinds withrepparttar 142718 natural beauty of wood, cellular conservatory blinds in a stunning array of colors and fabrics or simple roller blinds with beautiful bottom and casing treatments to enhancerepparttar 142719 beauty of your conservatory.

Whatever styles and types of conservatory blinds you choose, you’ll be investing in a quality product that will add torepparttar 142720 beauty and comfort of your conservatory.

Garry John is a regular contributor to websites such as conservatory blinds.

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