That Was No Gorilla, That Was My Inattentional Blindness

Written by Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

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"A member of Simons' team approaches someone onrepparttar street and asks for directions," says El-Hai. "Asrepparttar 126244 subject begins to speak, a crew of faux workers carrying a door abruptly squeezes betweenrepparttar 126245 two. Asrepparttar 126246 door passes between them,repparttar 126247 person who asked for directions changes places with a third person." Again, 50% didn't notice they were giving directions to a different person.

Same thing happened when they had a waiter duck behindrepparttar 126248 counter and a new waiter popped up. The diner kept on talking.

"We have limited attentional resources," concluded Simons. What we notice depends on how much else we're attending to, and this was true even whenrepparttar 126249 subject claimed to have great visual memory.

"Practical applications of Simon's work would be airline and highway safety," says El Hai. Scary thought.

Another application - watch it withrepparttar 126250 cell inrepparttar 126251 car! We have limited attentional resources.

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The Power of Covert Hypnosis

Written by Alan Tutt

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NLP has also been used to help people establish rapport with others in an incredibly short period of time. Rapport is important for one key reason, unless you andrepparttar person you are trying to influence are in rapport with each other, there will be very little agreement. Ifrepparttar 126243 other person does not feel comfortable with you, and does not feel that you are 'like them', at least in general ways, that person will not feel good about accepting what you have to say and acting on that information. In short, you will not get what you want from that person.

Okay, so let's assume that you are somewhat familiar withrepparttar 126244 basic ideas of NLP. You know about mirroringrepparttar 126245 other person's body language. You know about speaking in their terms, whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. You even know aboutrepparttar 126246 eye movements and what they refer to. This is onlyrepparttar 126247 surface ofrepparttar 126248 incredible amount of power that a full knowledge of NLP will give you.

Some ofrepparttar 126249 more advanced techniques of NLP deal with what is known as pacing and leading. The central idea here is that if you say a number of things that are obviously true, such as we are in a room with 4 walls, that we are sitting at this table talking with each other, and that you are holding a glass of wine, then whatever you say next (which is not so obvious) will seem to be more true than if you did not includerepparttar 126250 obvious facts. Guys, if your girlfriend starts to think that you don't love her, here is your salvation. Simply say a string of obviously true statements right before you tell her you do love her. Repeat this a few times and she will start to believe you.

And this works (to one degree or another) with those you just met. You can use this if you are a salesperson trying to convincerepparttar 126251 prospect that your product is superior to your competition's product. You can use this to convince your boss that you are worth much more thanrepparttar 126252 company is paying you. And you can use this to convince that hottie that spending an evening with you will be better than anything else he/she could be doing.

This one concept fromrepparttar 126253 science of NLP is priceless! And there is much more. There is a whole segment in NLP on language patterns. There are some patterns which will help you discover exactly what someone means when they say something vague and mysterious. There are language patterns which contain hidden meanings which bypassrepparttar 126254 conscious mind and go straight torepparttar 126255 subconscious mind (our focus for this article). And there are language patterns that can induce a hypnotic state without a formal induction ritual. Talk about an open door torepparttar 126256 subconscious mind!

There is so much information, that a brief article such as this one could not cover it all. There are numerous books out onrepparttar 126257 market which explain many ofrepparttar 126258 theories of NLP. And if you're good at translating theory into practical application, any of these books will give you greater power in dealing with other people.

Good luck in your persuasion activities!

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