That One Magic Word

Written by Gail Hornback

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P - Pray and Plan - in that order! You can't get anywhere without either!

E - Expect to get discouraged. Nothing goes perfectly, and NOTHING happens in 1 day!

R - Read everything you can get your hands on about business onrepparttar internet. Develop a discernment about what is hype and what is truth.

S - Submit, submit, submit. Keep at it DAILY. Use all your resources.

E - Everyone is NOT an expert. They may sound like one, or claim to be one. But they had to start at repparttar 119093 beginning just like you.

V - Value is not always in dollars! Give yourself to your customers! Giverepparttar 119094 REAL YOU!

E - Even if it means not making a sale, ALWAYS be honest! You'll earn more inrepparttar 119095 long run.

R - Rest. Don't burn yourself out. This is NOT all there is to life!!!!!

E - Enjoy Yourself!!!!!! Have fun at what you do. You'll EVENTUALLY be successful... IF.........You PERSEVERE!!!!

Gail Hornback is a stay at home mom of 5, editor of WebWorksAtHome Weekly Update, and author of the WebWorks Website at Email to:

You're Trying To Succeed Online Doing THAT?

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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People like you expect to profit without knowingrepparttar BENEFITS of what you're offering and bringing them to your prospects' attention over and over and over and over and over again.

Your prospects -- like mine -- are being overwhelmed with marketing offers. You can't just send a single offer and lean back, pleased with yourself, expecting riches to follow. But millions do.

What's fabulous aboutrepparttar 119092 Internet is its incredible marketing economies. You can contact far more people far less expensively than you ever could in "real life." Yetrepparttar 119093 sad truth is, most online "marketers" don't understand this environment and certainly aren't profiting from it. I'm talking about YOU!

You're Trying To Profit Online With THAT Attitude About People?

You want to profit online? Then you are going to have to mix it up with a lot of people. Not just a hundred, or a thousand, but TENS OF THOUSANDS of people!

One dirty little secret ofrepparttar 119094 'net isrepparttar 119095 fact that lots of people doing business on it detest PEOPLE. They recognize that since people haverepparttar 119096 money they want, they're going to have to communicate with them. But they want that communication to be as antiseptic and arms length as possible. TALK to people? WORK with people? YIKES! Those are concepts that make tons of e-marketers shiver and get real, real nervous.

The truth is,repparttar 119097 higherrepparttar 119098 cost of what you sell,repparttar 119099 more you are going to have to TALK to and WORK with your prospects.

This thought may well disconcert you. You're probably one ofrepparttar 119100 "marketers" who thought that all you'd have to do is "post it and they will buy." That's one ofrepparttar 119101 biggest jokes around. "Post it and they will buy" is like taking e-poison and killing yourself and all your hopes for online success.

If you want to succeed online, you've got to contact your prospects regularly with valuable information (including information aboutrepparttar 119102 benefits delivered by what you're selling). You need to use email, of course, but you also need to userepparttar 119103 TELEPHONE! Get used torepparttar 119104 idea thatrepparttar 119105 higherrepparttar 119106 cost of what you're selling,repparttar 119107 more contact with your prospect is necessary, including TELEPHONE contact! If you're not going to do this, don't delude yourself into thinking you're going to profit online. All you'll do is just waste your time online, wondering whererepparttar 119108 money went. Friend, without constant client-centered contact, you're just fooling yourself.

Last Words

The Internet is changing -- again. Just since 1999 we've gone fromrepparttar 119109 days when people thought you could put ANYTHING on line and profit torepparttar 119110 crash that started in 2000 and is still going on in 2001. The good news is thatrepparttar 119111 next phase has already begun. This isrepparttar 119112 phase when smart people will run value-centered businesses, taking advantage ofrepparttar 119113 mind-boggling business economies and speed which are only found online.

These people will berepparttar 119114 consummate realists. They will not merely expect to "post it and they will come." They certainly won't think they can build a profitable business withoutrepparttar 119115 necessary tools. And they won't be daft enough to keep their prospects and customers at arm's length, because they really don't want to be bothered by them.

In short, rememberingrepparttar 119116 English poet Robert Browning, "The best IS yet to come" onrepparttar 119117 'net.

I, for one, who have lived through every single Internet incarnation since 1994, am ready for it. Indeed, I'm as eager as eager could be. But then I've done my homework; I'm already doing what needs to be done for maximum online success.

What about you? Are YOU ready, really ready? Or are you just going to keep on fooling yourself, thinking you can get rich off a self-replicating website and some free links and ads?

Dr. Jeffrey Lant is Co-Founder of Worldprofit at and author of some of the best regarded marketing and business-development books around. See them at

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