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Written by Charlie Taylor

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However, in order to do this, they tend to interfere with your viewing by following you aroundrepparttar page and generally making a nuisance of themselves. While Internet users have become used to being bombarded by ads whenever they go online,repparttar 101006 annoyance factor associated with rich media ads is worse than any other format I've come across.

What makes them particularly galling isrepparttar 101007 fact that there seems to be no easy way to close them. Most of these ads are delayed for a few seconds untilrepparttar 101008 full ad is shown, meaning that Internet users have to sit through them whether they want too or not. Internet users are by their very nature, an impatient bunch. They don't have time to waste waiting for webpages to load, and neither do they haverepparttar 101009 patience to put up with distractions such as ads that can't easily be closed.

A study released by Taylor Nelson Softres confirms this. It found that word of mouth recommendations were more important than driving traffic to a website than search engines or links. It also discovered that Internet users would only recommend sites that they found enjoyable to use. The report concluded that most websites were still failing to recogniserepparttar 101010 importance of user satisfaction in encouraging both new and regular visitors.

Perhaps websites should keep this in mind when accepting rich media ads from clients because while Internet users may appreciaterepparttar 101011 fact that sites need to earn an income, anything which impacts on their enjoyment while online is going to have serious repercussions.

Perhapsrepparttar 101012 majority of Internet users will follow my example and stay away from sites that bombardrepparttar 101013 user with ads that can't be easily shut off. That way websites might wise up and start respectingrepparttar 101014 wishes of Internet users, and concentrate on welcoming users, rather than annoying them.

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Short But Sweet--Keys to Writing Effective Classified Ads

Written by Elizabeth Sinclair

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2. Less is more--Use just enough description to make your prospect want what you offer. This isrepparttar really tough part;repparttar 101005 part where people mistakenly think that more is more. Classified ads are not meant to give extensive details about your product or service. Highlight 1 or 2 key points and call it good. Focus on making these selling points more attractive rather than including too many selling points, which leaves no room forrepparttar 101006 push.

3. Demand action--Tell your prospect what to do: order, call, write, email, subscribe, buy, visit, don't wait. Don't make your reader decide what to do next. Tell them what to do! Remember, people respond when their interest is peaked. After you have made your prospect want what you offer, move in forrepparttar 101007 kill and demand that they take immediate action.

4. Contact information--Always include several ways to buy in your contact information. I know, I know. This takes up some of your valuable selling space, but you should do it anyway. What if someone wanted to buy from you, but it was too difficult for them to get Internet access? It's worth it to include your phone number or address for those who have not yet embracedrepparttar 101008 age of technology.

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