Written by John W. Sammon

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I'd like to thank Colin Powell, who subvertedrepparttar good inside himself after getting on Bush's bad side trying to counsel moderation and collective security, for giving up, becoming a stooge mouthpiece of Bush----to preserve his job. I'd like to thankrepparttar 126027 extreme right wing for their "my-country-right-or-wrong" mentality, for denying othersrepparttar 126028 right to disagree (without being labeled subversive or a supporter of Saddam), for equating war in muchrepparttar 126029 same manner as a tailgate party at a football game. I'd like to thank allrepparttar 126030 excuse makers, who came up with a continuing array of whoppers asrepparttar 126031 evidence mounted on weapons, from "we'll find them," to "they'll turn up," to "we'll show weapons' systems," to "the weapons were shipped to Syria just beforerepparttar 126032 war started," to whatever next week's is. I'd like to thank those clueless Americans who watch reality TV, but still think Iraq used weapons of mass destruction inrepparttar 126033 war, and that such weapons have already been found, and who continue to believerepparttar 126034 government's lie that Baghdad was behindrepparttar 126035 9-11 attacks in New York. I'd like to thank those people who believerepparttar 126036 United States isrepparttar 126037 only country inrepparttar 126038 world that matters, and thatrepparttar 126039 French are hateful because they disagreed (ironicallyrepparttar 126040 Germans, also againstrepparttar 126041 war, escaped such criticism. Nobody has recommended we rename German measles as we did with French fries). I'd especially like to thank allrepparttar 126042 Americans who simply waved aside any nagging questions or doubt, and said, "I don't care." You're what this war andrepparttar 126043 corporate rape of America is all about.

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A Strategic Fifth Column

Written by Gerald L. Campbell

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For some time, international politics has been undergoing an amazing metamorphosis brought on by two historic developments. First,repparttar global communications revolution has democratizedrepparttar 126026 nature of political power on a global scale. Second,repparttar 126027 center of gravity in international politics is moving away fromrepparttar 126028 traditional elites of state-to-state relations torepparttar 126029 existential and democratic urges of peoples and causes.

Increasingly, world public opinion is becoming a potent force capable of decisive influence overrepparttar 126030 policies and conduct of states, no matter how dictatorial or how free. The management of state-to-state relations, even though necessary, is no longer a sufficient mechanism to influencerepparttar 126031 dynamics of international politics, asrepparttar 126032 collapse ofrepparttar 126033 Soviet Union and our recent experience with Turkey demonstrate. To compete inrepparttar 126034 global marketplace of ideas, we must reconstitute and reinvigorate our public diplomacy apparatus and stand solidly aligned with truth, justice, solidarity, and freedom.

Given this challenge,repparttar 126035 issue before us is clear. The nihilistic impulse of terrorism is not on trial. It offers only hatred and defends nothing. Freedom itself is not on trial. Its promise is intertwined inrepparttar 126036 very fabric of human existence. What is on trial isrepparttar 126037 authenticity of America's commitment to human freedom. And while we must not go abroad "seeking dragons to destroy," as Adams cautioned, we must userepparttar 126038 power of example to exalt peoples everywhere to move towards a new world order, an order infused withrepparttar 126039 spirit ofrepparttar 126040 inalienable rights of man andrepparttar 126041 freedom ofrepparttar 126042 individual. Without authenticity in this effort, battles may be won, butrepparttar 126043 ultimate contest will be lost.

So,repparttar 126044 task ahead is not image building. Image building is unsubstantial and affronts personal dignity. Nor isrepparttar 126045 task essentially an articulation and defense of US policies. Gains made for such aims can only be superficial and short-lived. The only way to win this global contest is to build authentic relationships with peoples everywhere in their struggle to realize freedom.

To that end, America has at its disposal a strategic fifth column positioned aroundrepparttar 126046 world. This fifth column is made up of freedom-loving individuals who, while unorganized and undisciplined, are waiting patiently forrepparttar 126047 trumpets to call. They man their posts in every hovel, crowded apartment, or house, in every school, workplace, or center of worship, in every rural region, town, or city in every country and hemisphere ofrepparttar 126048 world.

If America renews her sacred commitment to those individuals yearning for freedom, and if it keeps faith withrepparttar 126049 revolutionary potential inherent in that yearning, this fifth column - backed up by America's economic, military, and diplomatic determination - will unleash democratic forces and processes in countries scattered aboutrepparttar 126050 globe that will be irresistible. And sooner than we think,repparttar 126051 oppressors, one by one, will be vanquished.


Gerald L. Campbell served as senior staff to Members of the U.S. House of Representatives for nine years. He became Senior Advisor to the Director of the United States Information Agency (USIA) under President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush.

Campbell went on to serve the administration of President George Bush and later, he served Texas Governor Bush as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of Health at the Texas Department of Health in Austin.

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