Thank Catholic schools for faith in every student

Written by Sheri Conover Sharlow

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Compare that building to Marion High School, both of which were built aroundrepparttar same time, and youíll see what a huge difference it has made. McAuley looks amazing. Marion High School is falling apart because maintenance wasnít a priority. Nowrepparttar 125891 school corporation is sending taxpayers an avoidable multi-million-dollar bill.

Catholic schools donít fit every student. Students with special needs may not findrepparttar 125892 proper resources. Some schools may have education methods that donít suit specific students. Some families may find that Catholic teachings clash with their own.

This is why I hope that Catholic Schools week inspires not only those who attend Catholic schools, but everyone who wantsrepparttar 125893 best for Indianaís children.

Lutheran schools, which are common in Fort Wayne, do excellent work. Other Christian schools, whether denominational or non-denominational, are multiplying as parents become frustrated with public schools that challenge their religious teachings.

Actually, private schools arerepparttar 125894 proper places for morality-based teaching. Catholic schools trace their roots back 100 years, when public schools taught religion that was hostile to Catholicism. Instead of griping, Catholic parents put their kids in their own schools. Problem solved.

Public schools have their place. But we cannot expect each school to be all things to all people. Private schools have a vital role to play for our children. So could charter schools, if Indiana stops sabotaging them with restrictions.

Indiana could encourage more private schools and home-schooling by offering tax incentives to anyone who pays for a childís education. Despite public-school belly-aching torepparttar 125895 contrary, this would leave more money for public schools because they would have fewer kids to educate and more opportunities to specialize.

Regardless of your religious beliefs or your devotion to public schools, please say thanks to Catholic schools. They demonstraterepparttar 125896 amazing things that happen when we put faith in our children.

Sheri Conover Sharlow, a former journalist, is the product of 11 years of Catholic education. Her daughter, Meredith, is the fourth-generation in her family to attend a Catholic school.

The Glorious Acts of Our Legislature

Written by By Mike Kole

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But why just cell phones? Ifrepparttar real intent ofrepparttar 125890 law is to eliminate distractions from our roadways, why not ban them all? Summers could justifiably expandrepparttar 125891 proposal to include a ban on smoking inrepparttar 125892 car, adjustingrepparttar 125893 radio or inserting a Britney Spears CD, eating fast food, scoldingrepparttar 125894 rug rats inrepparttar 125895 backseat, talking with your spouse, shaving or applying makeup, doingrepparttar 125896 crossword puzzle, using a laptop computer, calling for on-screen directions to Starbucks, and rehearsing your excuse that explains your tardiness torepparttar 125897 boss.

Could we really ban Britney Spears CDs? I digress.

Beforerepparttar 125898 law is done with revisions, no common person will be able to read and understand it, and mainly, drivers will just continue to take their chances.

This begsrepparttar 125899 significant philosophical question: Why bother?

Isnít it sufficient that citations can already be issued ifrepparttar 125900 use of a cell phone isrepparttar 125901 cause of an accident? Why pile on? No harm, no foul: Ifrepparttar 125902 use of a cell phone isnít endangering anyone inrepparttar 125903 moment, why penalize forrepparttar 125904 harm that was not caused?

Ah,repparttar 125905 law is to be a deterrent, to eliminaterepparttar 125906 possibility of harm. But wonít it also become more than that? How much of a stretch is it to envision police pulling over drivers who endanger nobody on a deserted road at 11pm, but who are guilty of making a cell call, just sorepparttar 125907 officer can meet his monthly quota? Isnít that a harm all its own?

Say, ifrepparttar 125908 police pull a driver over torepparttar 125909 side ofrepparttar 125910 road, isnít thatrepparttar 125911 sort of distraction that could cause an accident? It should be banned!

Letís hope this Bill dies in committee. If it passes, Summers will run for re-election in 2006 onrepparttar 125912 basis of having produced this wonderful lawÖ and of having been suitably busy.

Chair of the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County (Noblesville) and candidate for Secretary of State (2006).

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