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Written by Chris Ferguson

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Poker Room - http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=4097

Poker Room repparttar #1 Website onrepparttar 110031 Internet for people who love Texas Holdem!

At Poker Room, we are committed to giving you,repparttar 110032 Texas Hold em player,repparttar 110033 ultimate gaming experience. That's why we provide a full free "play money" Online Demo version of our internet Texas Holdem software. It is identical torepparttar 110034 Real Money version, so that you can getrepparttar 110035 true feel of our software before playing Texas Hold em for Real Money onrepparttar 110036 internet. You will receive $1,000 in free play poker money to play Texas Holdem with. However, if you spend it all, your Demo Account will be replenished automatically so you can play more Texas HoldEm. No obligations, no limits - just loads of fun forrepparttar 110037 Texas Holdem fan. We offer players who love to play Texas Holdem onrepparttar 110038 internetrepparttar 110039 chance to playrepparttar 110040 most popular games and our software is easily downloaded and free of charge. The graphics are smooth andrepparttar 110041 Texas Holdem gaming is sharp, fast and hassle-free. To play Texas Holdem at Poker Room, please click onrepparttar 110042 following link: http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=4097

Any ofrepparttar 110043 above poker rooms are excellent options for those looking to play Texas Holdem...click thru to each ofrepparttar 110044 links to play Texas Holdem with other poker players.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson got his PhD in Computer Science from UCLA, specializing in artificial intelligence. His analytical mind serves him well at the poker table, and at UCLA as a guest lecturer in Game Theory.

Welcome to the Contest! East or West - My House is the Best

Written by Cameron Lindblom

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The final contest's results will be released on February 20, 2005, though current leaders can be viewed forrepparttar duration ofrepparttar 110030 contest by referring to Leaders. To follow basic rules ofrepparttar 110031 contest, please refer to Terms and Conditions before you start ( http://www.realestategates.com/favorite-house.html ). C O M E and W I N! Author: Cameron Lindblom

RealEstateGates.com welcomes everybody for participation in a new international contest called My House is the Best...

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