Testing and Tracking Your Online Marketing Efforts

Written by Marty Foley

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Tracking Email Responses

If you have unlimited email aliases available through your web host and want your test ads to generate responses via email, you can use a unique email address asrepparttar tracking code for each one.

Note: A potential drawback to this method is thatrepparttar 133624 more email addresses you make publicly available,repparttar 133625 more spam you're likely to receive.

Another option for tracking email responses is to ask respondents to place something unique inrepparttar 133626 subject line, which serves asrepparttar 133627 tracking code.

In a pinch you can userepparttar 133628 following trick to help automatically place what you want inrepparttar 133629 subject line of a new email message when itís clicked on in an email program: mailto:user@domain.com?subject=Send-Info (Replace user@domain.com inrepparttar 133630 above example withrepparttar 133631 email address you want to use.)

Whenrepparttar 133632 above link is clicked on in an email message,repparttar 133633 text immediately following ?subject= will automatically appear inrepparttar 133634 subject line of a new email message in most email programs. (Inrepparttar 133635 example above, Send-Info would appear.)

Attempting to Beat Your Control

Your main objective in testing is always to try to come up with a better pulling variable (headline, offer, guarantee, price, etc.) than your existing control. Whenever tests prove that another variable pulls better than your existing control, it replaces it until a future test reveals an even better one.

Make Testing a Habit

Remember thatrepparttar 133636 most successful direct response marketers (Internet marketing being just another form of direct response marketing) tend to do lots of testing.

Instead of viewingrepparttar 133637 testing process as too much bother, you should view it as a wise investment in crucial information that reveals how to progressively improverepparttar 133638 profitability of your marketing. Considering allrepparttar 133639 advantages that testing offers, repparttar 133640 reasons for making it a habit are obvious.

You donít have to be content withrepparttar 133641 same mediocre level of response to your marketing campaigns, unaware of whatís really working and what isnít.

If you arenít already, start taking advantage of scientific testing to constantly improve your marketing results, avoid makingrepparttar 133642 same wasteful mistakes, and earn more profits. And if you're already profiting from it, consider taking advantage of it more fully.

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Making Tracks

Written by Richard Bolduc

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Finding out where you *are being* found is a much more effective plan. It tells you what's working, results come to you, and it tells you how people are thinking to find you. You're not guessing how you think they should be finding you. You're learning how your clients think and how they already found you.

Okay, so how do I find out how my visitors find me? I use a simplestatistics tracker on my sites. Your hosting company may provide stats for you check into it. They should include a section for referrers or top referrers. If so your all set. Find a way to access those stats. Checkrepparttar referrers section and they will tell you how you were found. If it was through a search engine, click onrepparttar 133623 link and it should bring you torepparttar 133624 page you were found on, complete withrepparttar 133625 keywords used, listed right there. You can check your progress every week and find out where you are popping up.

If your host does not have tracking software go to www.goldstats.com or some other FREE stats place and get yourself a statistics tracker on your site right away!

For me, marketing without referrer stats is like...

...trying to catch a fly inrepparttar 133626 dark.

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