Testing and Tracking Your Marketing Strategies

Written by Shelley Lowery

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Adminder http://www.adminder.com

An online tracking system that will enable you to track an entire advertising campaign. It will enable you to see how many visitors were generated by each of your ads, keep track of sales that were generated by each ad and calculatesrepparttar cost-per-click, cost-per-sale, and click-to-sale ratios for each ad. Cost - $19.95 mo. (for a limited time)

ROIbot http://www.roibot.com

ROIbot is a complete collection of tools for increasing your "Return on Investment." One of their many tools isrepparttar 133615 ROIbot Ad Tracker. This powerful system will enable you to track your clickthroughs, where they come from, what browser your visitors are using, what operating system, and more. Cost - $17.00 mo.

Statcruncher http://www.Statcruncher.com

Statcruncher tracks and reports exactly which ads, banners and links are producing results. They provide you with access to their powerful web-tracking system that will enable you to track your ad campaigns 24 hours a day in real time. Cost - $49.00 yr.

If you'd rather not use any ofrepparttar 133616 products and services listed above, you can use some alternative methods. Below are some example tracking methods you can use to track your response rates:


You can track your ads simply by adding some special coding to your URL. To code your URL, add a question mark followed by a special tracking code torepparttar 133617 end of your web address. Your coded link will still open your web page. Your code should look something like this:


The text afterrepparttar 133618 question mark should identify a specific ad. You can code it however you'd like.

To view your results, you'll need to look at your log files. Your code will be displayed within your log files beside your URL.


You can track your email responses to specific ads by using repparttar 133619 email subject. Select a specific word to be placed within repparttar 133620 email subject for each ad. Although you can request that a certain word be placed withinrepparttar 133621 email subject, many times it won't be supplied. To avoid this problem, you can create a special email link that will automatically fill in repparttar 133622 subject when clicked on. Your link should look something like this:


Testing and tracking your strategies is an essential part of doing business. By concentrating your efforts on strategies that produce results, you can not only increase your sales, but you'll also save yourself a great deal of time and money.

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Mind Your Business and Know Where You Are Going

Written by Gary E. Layton

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Would you believe that programs exist onrepparttar net, now, which can actually do this for you? This is true for all online media. Just go to your browser and search for íAd Trackersí.

What you must look for is a system which is fully automated, easy forrepparttar 133614 user to work, and one that in fact does furnish allrepparttar 133615 basic data you need to determinerepparttar 133616 effectiveness of you ads. Some systems are better than others and they all cost money. You must carefully examinerepparttar 133617 benefits you receive compared torepparttar 133618 costs involved. You have more than likely spent money placing your ads and now you are spending money to track how well these ads are bringing in customers. You must makerepparttar 133619 judgment here. Only you can judge where these activities are taking you.

It makes sense that money considerations dictate that you start something like this on a small scale. One or two ads on one or two media so you may learn first hand what is working and what is not. We must throw away any pride of authorship regarding repparttar 133620 ad copy we write. The only important criteria here is that repparttar 133621 ad works or does not work. If it works you use it more widely and keep using it until it loses itís effectiveness. You keep this process going on a constant basis, exploiting effective ads and replacing bad ads. And you do it based on repparttar 133622 factual data you gain from whatever ad tracking system you employ.

For those of us who are really serious about making a success of our own business it makes a lot of sense to be able to know what our advertising is doing for us. Not only that but we need to identifyrepparttar 133623 ever changing audience out there so we may change directions as we may need to. Tracking your ads is a key to this capability. None of us can affordrepparttar 133624 millionsrepparttar 133625 large Corporations spend for this purpose but we have to dig in our pocket and somehow findrepparttar 133626 money to purchase one of these affordable ad tracking systems.

Such an action is critical if you are going to successfully compete for business onrepparttar 133627 Internet. Some would say that your survival counts on it.

Gary Layton is co-owner of PathTrax.com. By providing their users the ability to measure and track results connected to a specific ad or advertising media, PathTrax is helping small businesses expand the profits in their bottom line. PathTrax delivers flexible tracking URL's to track Who, Where, When, How Many? All for only pennies per day. http://PathTrax.com/x.pl/GL121,1

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