Testing Flyback Transformer-How to test and when to replace it

Written by Jestine Yong

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a. High voltage shut down. b. Monitor will have ‘tic - tic’ sound. Sometimesrepparttar capacitor may measure O.K. but break down when under full operating voltage. c. Horizontal output transistor will blow in a few hours or days after you have replaced it. d. Sometimes it will cause intermittent "no display". e. Distorted display i.e.,repparttar 141800 display will go in and out. f. It will cause horizontal output transistor to become shorted and blowrepparttar 141801 power section.

How to check if a primary winding is good or bad in a Flyback Transformer? a) By using a flyback/LOPT tester, this instrument identifies faults in primary winding by doing a ‘ring’ test. b) It can testrepparttar 141802 winding even with only one shorted turned. c) This meter is handy and easy to use. d) Just simply connectrepparttar 141803 probe to primary winding. e) The readout is a clear ‘bar graph’ display which show you ifrepparttar 141804 flyback transformer primary winding is good or shorted. f) The LOPT Tester also can be used to checkrepparttar 141805 CRT YOKE coil, B+ coil and switch mode power transformer winding.

NOTE: Measuringrepparttar 141806 resistance winding of a flyback transformer, yoke coil, B+ coil and SMPS winding using a multimeter can MISLEAD a technician into believing that a shorted winding is good. This can waste his precious time and time is money.

How to diagnose ifrepparttar 141807 internal capacitor is open or shorted? By using a normal analog multimeter and a digital capacitance meter. A good capacitor haverepparttar 141808 range from 1.5 nanofarad to 3 nanofarad.* 1) First set your multimeter to X10K range. 2) Place your probe to anode and cold ground. 3) You must removerepparttar 141809 anode cap in order to get a precise reading. 4) Cold ground meansrepparttar 141810 monitor chassis ground. 5) Ifrepparttar 141811 needle ofrepparttar 141812 multimeter shows a low ohms reading, this meanrepparttar 141813 internal capacitor is shorted. 6) Ifrepparttar 141814 needle does not move at all, this doesn’t mean thatrepparttar 141815 capacitor is O.K. 7) You have to confirm this by using a digital capacitance meter which you can easily get one from local distributor. 8) Ifrepparttar 141816 reading fromrepparttar 141817 digital capacitance meter shows 2.7nf, this meanrepparttar 141818 capacitor is within range (O.K.). 9) And ifrepparttar 141819 reading showed 0.3nf, this meanrepparttar 141820 capacitor is open. 10) You have three options ifrepparttar 141821 capacitor is open or shorted. - Install a new flyback transformer or - Sendrepparttar 141822 flyback transformer for refurbishing or - Sendrepparttar 141823 monitor back to customers after spending many hours and much effort on it.

* However certain monitors may haverepparttar 141824 value of 4.5nf, 6nf and 7.2nf. Note: Sometimesrepparttar 141825 internal capacitor pin is connected to circuits (feedback) instead of ground. Tv rca flyback transformer circuits usually do not have a internal capacitor in it. If you have a flyback diagram and circuits which you can get it fromrepparttar 141826 net, that would be an advantage to easily understand how to check them.

Jestine Yong is a electronic repairer and a writer. For more electronic repair articles please visit his website at http://www.noahtec.com/electronic-repair-articles.htm

Install It Right & Sleep Good At Night

Written by Jackson Morgan

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Atrepparttar end of each step, I will give you a Tech rating of 1-5 (1 being easy, 5 being you better know your stuff)

Instructions for a Windows XP Professional Installation


1) You will need to know your hardware profile (i.e. I have an internal network interface card, Manufacturer – Broadcom / Model – 440Family) Your PC usually comes with a CD that has all hardware drivers for proper functionality. If it does not, or you simply can not findrepparttar 141670 CD, go to your vendor’s website and download them all. Make sure you download all drivers and bios updates necessary for your particular PC. (4)

2) Back up any files that you do not want to lose. This is important because for a proper installation you will need to format your hard drive. Most techies never userepparttar 141671 upgrade feature supplied in Windows. There is an unwritten law thatrepparttar 141672 upgrade feature only covers up problems, not solve them. (1)

3) Bootrepparttar 141673 PC to your Windows XP CD, formatrepparttar 141674 drive and install Windows. This could take some time depending on repparttar 141675 size of your hard drive and your processor speed. (4)

4) After XP sets up, check you systems device manager and install any drivers or bios upgrades needed. This is a simple step to perform, and a crucial one. Proper communication between your hardware andrepparttar 141676 OS is critical torepparttar 141677 stability of your machine. (2)

5) Uninstall any unwanted or unneeded applications that came with you XP installation CD. May manufacturers load their Operating System distributions with a ridiculous amount of "Free" or "Trial" software. On top of this, some of these software packages can really decrease your system performance.(2)

6) Connect your machine torepparttar 141678 internet and download all Microsoft service packs and security updates that are needed. Service packs are usually very large so if you can obtain a CD do so. **Note** you will need to reboot and return to Microsoft’s website several times in order to complete all updates. (1)

7) Install a reputable Anti Virus. (i.e. McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, etc.) **Immediately update afterrepparttar 141679 install**. These will all cost money, but will save your machine inrepparttar 141680 long run. In my experience I have found only one free Anti-Virus package that works well. You can check it out at www.grisoft.com (1)

8) Install Microsoft’s Anti-Spyware or similar application. Again, updating immediately. (1)

9) Install each application separately updating them completely before installingrepparttar 141681 next. You can often find and icon inrepparttar 141682 tools menu with a Check for updates option. If not, checkrepparttar 141683 manufactures website. (1)

10) Defrag your machine and have a beer. (1)

11) Please note having a beer before step 1 will add one point to each tech rating. (1)



Now you have a clean install on your machine and should be running at peak performance. You may want to tweak settings here and there to your personal satisfaction. But you should see a significant difference when you surfrepparttar 141684 web, check your email, play music, etc…

About The Author ---------------- Jackson Morgan is a Sr. desktop support specialist and works with small to large businesses. He is certified to work on many platforms and has over eight years experience in the field. If you would like to contact Jackson you can e-mail him at jackson.morgan@paralogic.net.

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