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Written by Dan Thies

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3. A While you should be aware that most search engines could care less what your META tags say,repparttar Inktomi database that feeds Hotbot, MSN, and other search engines does consider them. This means you can't ignore them, even though META tags have become less and less important every year.

4. E None of these search engines uses its own database of websites: MSN & Hotbot use Inktomi, Lycos gets its results from FAST, and Excite was recently sold Infospace,repparttar 128376 owner of Dogpile. Among repparttar 128377 so-called major search engines, only Altavista, FAST, Google, Inktomi and Northern Light still crawlrepparttar 128378 web.

5. A But this is a trick question. Most websites get found and added torepparttar 128379 major search engine indexes within 2-6 weeks even if they are never submitted. The only proven way to get in faster is "paid inclusion," which is available at Altavista and Inktomi.

6. B My 'Website Promotion Central' site has had top ten rankings for "website promotion" for over a year, but most of my referrals don't come from that single phrase. Because of "themes," I see hundreds of 3, 4 and 5 word search phrases in my logs - these are much more important than my primary keyword phrase.

How did you do? If you got less than half of these answers, you probably need a refresher course in search engines. Don't feel badly, though. Thanks to "themes," search engine optimization has gotten easier forrepparttar 128380 do-it-yourself webmaster, not harder.

I wish you success...

Dan Thies has been helping his clients (and friends) promote their websites since 1996, and has become a respected authority on search engine positioning. His latest book, "Search Engine Fast Start," is available at http://www.cannedbooks.com To subscribe to his free weekly search engine optimization newsletter, send a blank email to subscribe@cannedbooks.com

Search Engines- the World’s Yellow Pages

Written by Jan Hordijk

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Due torepparttar amount of submissions that Search Engines receive, it takes from 2 days to 3 months for your site to show up, depending onrepparttar 128375 Engine. Paid Listings are an option for site owners who want to build visibility quickly. This form of search engine advertising means that you can be guaranteed to appear inrepparttar 128376 top results forrepparttar 128377 terms you are interested in, usually within days.

So you better start submitting today, it will be worth it; by hand or done by a professional service for a small fee; make sure YOUR web site is inrepparttar 128378 World’s Yellow Pages!

Jan Hordijk, Marketing Consultant AWSS Website Promotion and Submission webmaster@submit-devil.com http://www.submit-devil.com/index1.html

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