Test, Test and Re-test

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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She uses a popular ISP, but doesn't use that address in her ads. She feels, and I agree, that an ISP email address does not conjure up a strong "business image". Your choice of an ISP is important if you hope to do business onrepparttar web. Be sure yours provides an industry standard POP3 email capability. While AOL is great for many things, it does use their own proprietary email system, and isn't, in my judgement,repparttar 101215 best choice for running a business.

She got a POP3 email address with each of her web sites, so she uses those. She also uses a different email address on her web sites - most web space providers give you unlimited email aliases. She then installedrepparttar 101216 Eudora email package with a different folder for each address she uses. When she gets an email, which was sent to one of those addresses, she has Eudora automatically file it inrepparttar 101217 appropriate folder, and send an immediate response. This lets her prospect know she gotrepparttar 101218 message, but more importantly, allows her to track which ad it came from. Ifrepparttar 101219 email address was one ofrepparttar 101220 addresses in her ads, she knows which one. If it came from one ofrepparttar 101221 web sites, she knows which ad sentrepparttar 101222 prospect to that site.

But what has happened here? A quick count ofrepparttar 101223 emails in each ofrepparttar 101224 folders reveals which ad is pulling, and whererepparttar 101225 prospect is coming from. Now, rememberrepparttar 101226 unlimited aliases, she got with her web space. If she is going to try to testrepparttar 101227 effectiveness of several publications, she simply uses a different alias for that ad in each publication, and sets up a separate folder in Eudora for it.

There are other ways of course to trackrepparttar 101228 ads by forcingrepparttar 101229 subject in your email address, and having a different subject for each ad. The cost of web space however, and email addresses has come down so much inrepparttar 101230 last few years, that having separate email addresses is most likelyrepparttar 101231 easiest way to trackrepparttar 101232 results of your ads, and present a professional image.

You must test, test, and retest your ads. If you do, you will findrepparttar 101233 winning combination, and realizerepparttar 101234 power ofrepparttar 101235 web.

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"Geek Speak"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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No matter how knowledgeable you are in your field, don't try to impress others with highly technical language - they won't have a clue as to what you're talking about. Use everyday words that people can understand. We all know that technical terms have their place, and to another person inrepparttar field, can denote specific things in a minimum of words.

"While your ISP can cancel your account if you spam", might be understood by people experienced in online protocol, those new to computers might not know what that means. A better way to say it might be: "If you send copies ofrepparttar 101214 same email to people who didn't request it,repparttar 101215 company that provides your internet access can cancel your account". Here we saidrepparttar 101216 same thing, but didn't use "Geek Speak".

Always try to phrase your advertising so that people who don't know anything about your business, will understand what you are saying.

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