Written by Arthur Zulu

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In an article I wrote in 2004 titled, Intelligence Failure andrepparttar Next Armageddon, I had said:

“As you read this, intelligence officers are working at full trot briefing heads of states aboutrepparttar 149853 next move of terrorists and last minute plans to checkmate their move. But no one is askingrepparttar 149854 right questions: Why isrepparttar 149855 world in turmoil? Why do we need intelligence? Why would a virgin decide to bomb herself to death? What would make some people decide to end civilization by a chemical bomb? What can be done to bring lasting peace torepparttar 149856 world?

”It is my belief that if we do not getrepparttar 149857 right answers to these questions,repparttar 149858 world will not have peace. Terrorist attacks have continued unabated—defying intelligence—and will ever continue. (See what’s happening in Spain. NEXT STOP GREAT BRITAIN.)

”All lovers of peace would wish thatrepparttar 149859 world leaders gave attention torepparttar 149860 real causes of terrorism. Otherwise, we might wake up tomorrow and findrepparttar 149861 world on fire onrepparttar 149862 day of ‘Armageddon.’ Do not blamerepparttar 149863 innocent oxymoron, intelligence failure. For we are all to blame.” (Emphasis added.)

In his January 20, 2004 State ofrepparttar 149864 Union address, George Bush said: "We are tracking al-Qaida aroundrepparttar 149865 world and nearly two-thirds of their known leaders have now been captured or killed. Thousands of very skilled and determined military personnel are onrepparttar 149866 manhunt, going afterrepparttar 149867 remaining killers who hide in cities and caves—and, one by one, we will bringrepparttar 149868 terrorists to justice."

I had then written an article withrepparttar 149869 title, The 24 Fallacies of George Bush’s State ofrepparttar 149870 Union Address on Terrorism. In that article, I wrote:

“It is true that most ofrepparttar 149871 key terrorist suspects—including Saddam Hussein—have either been arrested or eliminated. But according to Time Magazine, ‘Lopping offrepparttar 149872 beast's head may not killrepparttar 149873 body.’ If Saddam or Osama bin Laden are hanged today, more Saddams and Osamas will rise tomorrow. Terrorists want attention. And that is why various groups are eager to claim credit for any attack—even though they are not responsible. In like manner there may be a lord ofrepparttar 149874 flies waiting for Saddam and Osama to pass on before taking center stage and bringing his pursuers to ‘justice.'”

I am beginning to think that we do not know who is pursuing whom. Neither do we know whorepparttar 149875 terrorists are. We have also no idea what is justice.

Like Macbeth, “who does murther Sleepe,repparttar 149876 innocent Sleepe,”repparttar 149877 terrorists andrepparttar 149878 world leaders have both murdered sleep, and we can’t sleep anymore. And instead of a merry-go-rounder in a fair ground, we now have an unwelcome visitor that has come to stay, playing unfair games on unannounced grounds. His scary nom de plume? Terror-go-rounder!

ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, andrepparttar 149879 author of CHASING SHADOWS! and HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. For his works and professional services, goto: http://controversialwriter.tripod.com Mailto: controversialwriter@yahoo.com Web search: Arthur Zulu

ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, and the author of CHASING SHADOWS! and HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER

Don't expel Jews from Gaza!

Written by David Ben-Ariel

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Sitting in Israel's center, such as Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, or inrepparttar comfort of other countries, they haverepparttar 149852 audacity, chutzpa, nay, malice, to determinerepparttar 149853 fate ofrepparttar 149854 most dedicated modern-time vanguards Israel has produced in recent times.

I hadrepparttar 149855 greatest privilege of visiting Gush Katif last month. I was honored to meetrepparttar 149856 diligent, tenacious, dedicated, ingenious and courageous people who live there.Every Israeli, every Jew, and all those who seek justice, Jewish or not, must be deeply proud and grateful for what these incredible people have created.

For all of you, my readers, I postedrepparttar 149857 photos I took during my visit. You will find them in:

http://yz.smugmug.com/gallery/551885 Beautiful photos of Gush Katif

What you will see isrepparttar 149858 wonderful hospitable family of Nissim and Nurit in Ganei Tal where I stayed. Their children Stav and Nadav. Their unbelievable greenhouses in which they producerepparttar 149859 best tomatoes ever, which they pack and ship to markets in Europe.

Pay attention torepparttar 149860 paradise these people created in what used to be nothing but Saharan sand dunes. You will seerepparttar 149861 prosperous communities,repparttar 149862 lawns, flowers andrepparttar 149863 trees miraculously grown by these industrious people.

You will also seerepparttar 149864 Memorial Day ceremony and exhibition in memory of those family members who were murdered by terrorist villains. Pay attention torepparttar 149865 concrete blocks erected to protectrepparttar 149866 people from Arab snipers.

There are 5 folders with total of 68 photos to flip through.

I hope my photos will add a dimension to your considerations. The eviction of these excellent people must be opposed with all legitimate means. Their fate is our fate and their fall is a victory for terror. If you love Israel, if you believe in Zionism, raise your voice. Help stoprepparttar 149867 injustice.

David Ben-Ariel, an American author who has travelled widely and who has lived throughout Israel, shares a special focus on the Middle East and great interest in Jerusalem, reflected in hard-hitting articles that help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out www.benariel.com

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