Terri Schiavo Dancing

Written by Roger Wright

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Terri, now lacing up her skates. Michael watching. And overrepparttar loud speaker inrepparttar 105452 indoor cool mist skating rink: Jackson Browne:

Every one I know Everywhere I go People need some reason to believe

Terri smiling. A glow that warmsrepparttar 105453 entire ice rink. She and Michael skating in circles. He is enthralled. She is beaming. They are ice skating. A cool mist that somehow, someway warms them. Like they were some kind of northern people, despite Terri's gentle southern draw. She and Michael skating in circles.

And from those slow, lazy, circles aroundrepparttar 105454 cool misty ice rink; pretty Terri keeps skating as Michael fades: and she hears a tune tapped out on a floor thatís turned from ice into well worn wood. Tap dancing. An old black man inrepparttar 105455 corner of. . . .itís a cell. . .he bows and taps out:

Once I livedrepparttar 105456 life of a millionaire Spending my money, I just didnít care Took all of my friends out For a very good time Buying bootleg whiskey Champaign and wine. . . .

Terri watches andrepparttar 105457 old man says, ďMr William Robinson. They call me Bo Jangles. I am pleased to meet you ma'am."

Terri nods. He says---someday there will be a song. . .and torepparttar 105458 rhythm ofrepparttar 105459 tap dance Terri watches and hears:

I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for you In worn out shoes With silver hair a ragged shirt and baggy pants The old soft shoe He jumped so high, jumped so high. .

And then torepparttar 105460 rhythm ofrepparttar 105461 tap. Terri heardrepparttar 105462 noise that had somehow been lingering atrepparttar 105463 edge of something far away. She heard:

ďThis is aboutrepparttar 105464 sanctity of life.Ē Butrepparttar 105465 distant clamor ofrepparttar 105466 noise andrepparttar 105467 hollow mish mash ofrepparttar 105468 words spoken about some one other than her fade into dust and then nothing as Mr Bojangles keeps dancing. He taps out:

I met him in a cell in New Orleans. I was Down and out

She heard her poor, sad parents and brother from far, far away: and she forgave them.

Mr Bojangles tapped out

He talked of life, he talked of life. . .

And then they were ice skating again! She and Michael. And allrepparttar 105469 noise from far away not only gone, it was forgotten.

And then Mr Bojangles: she heard him tap:

He let go a laugh, he let go a laugh Shook back his clothes all around!

And then with allrepparttar 105470 clamor ofrepparttar 105471 background noise gone, just like on a bright, clear Easter morning, leaping up fromrepparttar 105472 circles of that ice rink, beaming like she did when she first walked thru that kitchen door:

Mr Bojangles gave her a nod. And Terri Schiavo tapped out her own dance.

Roger Wright can be found on his salon.com blog CHURCH FOOD CHICAGO. He connects things in strange ways.

My, Too Cumbersome!

Written by Terry Dashner

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Stossel says, ďThere you have it. Government doesnít have to followrepparttar same rules. When they lose money, they just demand we give them more. And we do.Ē Why do we do that? Why havenít we demanded fiscal responsibility of our Government? The Republicans blamerepparttar 105450 Democrats for spending. The Democrats blamerepparttar 105451 Republicans, and nothing significant ever gets done. We still see fraud and waste in spending. Will it ever change?

I believe that Government is essential to any society. I believe that laws should be enacted and enforced forrepparttar 105452 common good; however, I believe Government can get too big and too powerful. When our Government was first formed, it gave us basic services and taxed us a fraction of what we are taxed today. Afterrepparttar 105453 Stock Market crash of 1929, our Government started expanding to helprepparttar 105454 common man get back to work. Good idea, but we are still payingrepparttar 105455 bill. The Government kept growing until it became unmanageable.

Thanks torepparttar 105456 great Reformers named Martin Luther and John Calvin, America was built on Capitalism. The free market isrepparttar 105457 foundation on which America has prospered for over 200 years. The free market continues to fuel America today, but it is ever in danger of being doused by big Government and its controls. Government services can be good, but Government canít change and flex in short notice like Capitalism can. Competition among American merchants is good for everyone involved. But Government services canít flex and move like free markets can. Government services are too fat, and too slow to adapt to changing markets; therefore, Government should govern and let business do what it does bestódo business. What say you?

Give Stosselís book a read, and then write your Representative, telling her she needs to be advised. Americans are demanding a shaping up and trimming down of their Government. Pastor T. dash.

Pastors a small church in Broken Arrow, OK. Retired police officer. United States Navy veteran. Father of three grown children.

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