Ten courses of study if you want to be your own boss.

Written by Max Stein

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Service Careers

There are many service careers available as well forrepparttar self-employed. Home healthcare is one such growing field. Nurses, both RNs and LPNs, are in wide demand. Another career field that is growing is court reporting and closed captioning. The growing legal system and new Federal laws designed to benefitrepparttar 116785 hearing impaired are driving growth in these categories.

In addition to havingrepparttar 116786 skills to perform your chosen business, you needrepparttar 116787 business skills as well. Sales and marketing are in first order, while organization and administrative skills will keep your clients andrepparttar 116788 IRS happy.

For more information on useful courses, go here www.top-colleges.com.

Max Stein, Salt Lake City, UT, USA http://www.degreesource.com/articles Max Stein is a freelance writer who writes about business, education and marketing. maxstein_9@hotmail.com www.degreesource.com

Create Your Own Home Business

Written by Darrell Knox

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Many of them have their own home business. Many ofrepparttar people you see atrepparttar 116784 post office who knowrepparttar 116785 clerks by first name are shipping packages of goods they sold on auction at Ebay or their own websites.

The cars parked inrepparttar 116786 county clerk’s office in your home town. Some are employees there, but not all of them. Many ofrepparttar 116787 people coming and going from that office in your town (during business hours when everyone should be working, right?) are real estate brokers, or no money down buyers and sellers looking up local property information.

Home business owners are all around you, everyday. The home business industry is quite literally booming and is getting larger exponentially byrepparttar 116788 month.

The worst thing you could ever do to yourself, that is a life-altering belief system, is let yourself believe it is all a scam or that there is no room for YOUR creativity and YOUR value as a home business owner of any kind!

Take me for instance! I own my own website and I sell information, business tools for home business people who work onrepparttar 116789 internet, and services of all kinds. I work from home. I am one of those people you see duringrepparttar 116790 week driving around town while you wonder what it is I do for a living. Nice to meet you!

Darrell Knox is a writer and entrepreneur with 15 years of home business and marketing experience.Website: http://cgi.tripod.com/lazaraus26/cgi-bin/index.pl

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