Ten Ways to Get Cheap (and Free) Magazine Samples

Written by Pamela White

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5 - Look forrepparttar online issues of particular magazines. It is true that many use original content online (another good market to explore) but evenrepparttar 137517 different content will show you what type of materialrepparttar 137518 magazine is looking for.

6 - Read newspapers online. Do you want to write travel articles? Visitrepparttar 137519 major newspapers online. Most hire freelancers to cover a great deal of their special interest articles. Contact information for, in this example,repparttar 137520 travel section editor will likely be available onrepparttar 137521 website.

7 – Send forrepparttar 137522 writer guidelines. Look in The Writer’s Market. If you are looking for parenting magazines and find one that sounds about right to you but you have never seen, send forrepparttar 137523 writer guidelines and request a sample issue. Double checkrepparttar 137524 listing ofrepparttar 137525 magazine to see if there is a reduced price or you have to send a stamped envelope to receive a free copy.

8 - Go torepparttar 137526 library. This is so obvious! Make a bi-weekly appointment to go torepparttar 137527 library and reviewrepparttar 137528 magazines you want to write for. Make notes. Userepparttar 137529 library’s copier to photocopyrepparttar 137530 table of contents, or an article or two to review at home.

9 - If your public library does not carryrepparttar 137531 magazines you want to know about, travel to a college library. They are set up for your kind of research. While most require student identification to userepparttar 137532 reference materials, you can readrepparttar 137533 periodicals unimpeded.

10 - Bookstores! Grab a pile of magazines, buy that over-priced latte and carefully reviewrepparttar 137534 magazines you have found to study (remember, if you spill on it, you buy it!)

Pamela White is the publisher of Food Writing, an online newsletter and author of FabJob’s guide to Become a Food Writer. Her newest book, Freelance Writing: Begin the Adventure is available at www.food-writing.com/pages/3/index.htm

Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part II

Written by David D. Deprice

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The Pocket DVD Wizard works with both standard Pocket PCs, and high resolution 640x480 VGA Pocket PCs, allowing you to selectrepparttar quality level you want, and to watchrepparttar 137267 converted video 'full screen' without black bars above and belowrepparttar 137268 picture.

Version 2.6 adds support for Windows based Portable Media Center players, such asrepparttar 137269 Creative Labs Zen PMC orrepparttar 137270 iRiver PMP-120.

Think of it asrepparttar 137271 ultimate in time shift TV - you can watch your favourite soap or sci-fi thriller anywhere, when you haverepparttar 137272 time!

This dirty little secret will get you 10-30% off any DVD software http://www.deprice.com/multimedia.htm

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