Ten Ways to Evolve, Part 1

Written by Rinatta Paries

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4. Don't try to change yourself to "fit" into a relationship.

You will not be able to attract your ideal partner by knowing what men/women want in a relationship and trying to provide it. If you know what you want and what you can give in a relationship, you will connect with a partner who is a natural fit for you. Look deep within yourself to find out what you want in a relationship and what you can give.

5. Assess communication in your relationships.

There are three questions to ask yourself regarding communication in a relationship, whether you are just dating someone, are in a new relationship or in an established one.

1) Can you talk to your partner honestly and openly about your feelings, needs and wants and can he or she hear you and respond? 2) Canrepparttar two of you make corrections in your relationship when necessary? 3) Dorepparttar 101994 two of you have more communication and problem solving than drama?

If your answer to these three is "yes,"repparttar 101995 two of you haverepparttar 101996 necessary beginning of building a wonderful relationship.

If you are answer is no, you need to consider stepping up communication. A really good relationship, satisfying to both partners, always has excellent communication as one of its cornerstones.

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These suggestions are your first steps for improving your ability to attract your ideal mate and build your ideal relationship. Next week, readrepparttar 101997 second half of my most popular personal development recommendations for attracting and sustaining a healthy, long-term relationship.

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11 Things to Do (And 5 Things To Avoid) If You Get in an Auto Accident

Written by Donald Smith

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(8) Observerepparttar other drivers' actions afterrepparttar 101993 crash. If they are crawling under their car to inspect damage after an accident, then they don't have a serious injury. A photo of this wouldn't hurt your case.

(9) Control your temper. It is easier forrepparttar 101994 police to determine you are at fault if you are a raving hothead. You will berepparttar 101995 one they remember two months from now in court. Stay cool.

(10) Getrepparttar 101996 names and badge numbers of police present. Each officer may have a different view of whatrepparttar 101997 evidence was, and having contact with all of them might help your case.

(11) Get a copy of your claim file from your insurance company. Double check to make sure your claim is accurate. A mistake found today can save you from paying high premiums inrepparttar 101998 future.

(1) Don't admit fault to anyone. Your words might be used against you later. (2) Never discuss howrepparttar 101999 auto accident happened. You don't want other drivers' versions ofrepparttar 102000 car accident to influence yours, and you don't want something to slip out that makes you responsible.

(3) Avoid moving your car until after you have other parties' license and vehicle registration information. Don't giverepparttar 102001 other driver a chance to drive off, leaving you withrepparttar 102002 problem.

(4) Refuse t0 accept any roadside settlements. Often damage can be hidden and much greater than originally expected.

(5) Don't let anyone pick your auto repair facility for you. You haverepparttar 102003 right by law to choose whichever auto repair shop you'd like, and your insurance must cover it. Ask your friends and neighbors for a reputable shop. Pick one that has been in business at least five years, preferably ten. You want a business that will be around if you have problems later.

Donald Smith is the president and founder of Auto Glass America. Visit his website at crackedwindshield.com to get more car tips.

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