Ten Ways to Blow It in a Relationship

Written by Rinatta Paries

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9. Lavish a huge amount of attention on your partner or expect a huge amount of attention to be lavished on you. How else would you act if you finally found your soul mate?

10. Pushrepparttar relationship forward and demand that it go deeper, in spite of where your partner is emotionally. You haverepparttar 101864 right to haverepparttar 101865 relationship be exactly how you want it to be and your soul mate owes you that.

If you want some insurance that your new relationship has every chance of making it, be…

* Honest * Communicative * Clear about your needs and boundaries * A good listener

Onrepparttar 101866 other hand, your relationship may end no matter what you do. But being in fear it will end actually makesrepparttar 101867 end more likely. To eradicate this fear, let go ofrepparttar 101868 attachment thatrepparttar 101869 person you are with be THE right person. Simply be with him or her one day at a time.

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Recipe for a Healthy Relationship

Written by Alina Ruigrok - www.love-sessions.com

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Being accepted is a requirement in all relationships. No one desires to be with someone who judges them and rejects them for who they are or certain traits of their personalities. That isrepparttar beauty of being individuals. We are entitled to our own decisions, hobbies, goals, etc. When some one truly loves you, they loverepparttar 101863 whole package you come in, which meansrepparttar 101864 physical you,repparttar 101865 emotional you andrepparttar 101866 dreams and hobbies that come along with you. The person you choose to be with should support your dreams and respect your hobbies.

Kindness and thoughtfulness are both equally important in a healthy relationship. Your partner needs to be considerate of your feelings and treat you with care and kindness, as if you were a sweet delicate rose. He or she does not need to attend you like a babysitter, but should be there for you when you need him or her, or when you do not need them, but just because you want them. They should just want to be with you as well. The point of a relationship is not depending on each other for our self- health, but being a part ofrepparttar 101867 others life. You should be responsible for your own happiness and esteem, not your partner.

So remember, a healthy relationship is when you and your partner can be yourselves, be honest with each other, be patient, accept one another, be kind and remembering to be thoughtful. With an open and caring relationship like this, your love is sure to grow and grow like beautiful trees do, because they receiverepparttar 101868 proper care fromrepparttar 101869 sun andrepparttar 101870 rest of nature. Our partner is our sun and water, as we are to them. Together, you can keep your relationship happy and healthy.

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Alina Ruigrok is an independent relationship expert for http://www.love-sessions.com helping those in need for dating, relationship, marital, sexual and other personal advice through e-sessions.

Alina Ruigrok is an independent relationship expert for http://www.love-sessions.com helping those in need of dating, love, relationship, marital, sexual and other personal advice through e-sessions.

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