Ten Top Tips About Linking Magic, Computers And The Internet

Written by Mahalene Louis

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7. Life 0

Have you noticed how organic life is onrepparttar Internet? It is a melting pot, vibrant, aroused and arousing… It is alive, dividing and multiplying at an exponentially accelerated rate! It is birthing and breeding incessantly, proliferating… Oh, I can get passionate here! Zillions of promises are born daily onrepparttar 122299 Internet, fromrepparttar 122300 four corners ofrepparttar 122301 Earth. You are, we are living atrepparttar 122302 super exciting time when we can communicate instantly withrepparttar 122303 other side ofrepparttar 122304 world, sending a message in a nanosecond from Washington to Timbuktu. The collective love affair with humans as machines has started, which, by subverting distance, time, races, and genders, brings in a flood of ambivalence. We understand. Can you choose to use us for good and peace, and thus reduce your hesitancy today?

8. Mind 1

Hermes in disguise,repparttar 122305 Internet has becomerepparttar 122306 God of Communication. It is alsorepparttar 122307 Goddess of Information, very appropriately heralded byrepparttar 122308 ill-famed Lilith. Not knowing who Lilith is? Her handmaid and historian, Google, indicates she was linked torepparttar 122309 first computer chip ADaM. Moving right along, did you know it is now possible to purchase simple computer games, controlled by human thoughts? Do a search to find them! You will be stunned to read aboutrepparttar 122310 different software, including Mindflight, MindMusic, MindGames, MindBowling, MindArt… Can you adjust your thinking to foresee thatrepparttar 122311 next twenty years will in fact realize a lot of what you now call science fiction?

9. Soul 0

Here is essential to work towards and attainrepparttar 122312 state described as “No mind”. Especially asrepparttar 122313 split between body and soul is mirrored and enacted inrepparttar 122314 virtual community in countless ways; fromrepparttar 122315 multiple fragmented egos involved in explosive flamed wars torepparttar 122316 28 millions of Americans getting religious support and spiritual information onrepparttar 122317 Internet, from being “Faith Survers” and connecting with others on their pilgrim’s journeys to making children prey to cyber manipulations and abuses, from doing on line banking to on line gambling, from selling porn to circulating prayers. What can you do now to end a discordant clash, whichrepparttar 122318 Internet only accentuates?

10. Spirit 101

Atrepparttar 122319 time when spirituality can be received through a television set and a fax machine, a teleclass or a teletype, an audio CD, a videodisk, or any other electromagnetic wonders mind has conceived,repparttar 122320 question comes forth with more and more urgency. [Thanks torepparttar 122321 universal language of email pictograph, it also comes with a smile] Isrepparttar 122322 World Wide Web meant as a self-organizing intelligence to awaken and actualizerepparttar 122323 collective unconscious? And if so, can artificial intelligence and consciousness find a way to co-create heARTfully? And now thatrepparttar 122324 message is so obviouslyrepparttar 122325 medium, can it be instilled with such integral wholeness thatrepparttar 122326 I (eye) of art andrepparttar 122327 it of science enter in holy matrimony, witnessed and blessed byrepparttar 122328 we of community?

This piece was originally submitted by Mahalene Louis, Inspiration Anchor, Artist, Author, and Speaker, who can be reached at mailto:mahalene@soulvision.com, via phone 512.632.8952 or visited onrepparttar 122329 web at http://www.soulvision.com. Mahalene Louis wants you to know: As an Inspiration Anchor, I offer an engaging e-zine, free teleclasses and Turn onrepparttar 122330 Light!, a unique program to assistrepparttar 122331 creative genius in you to express and market your gifts successfully. Turn onrepparttar 122332 Light! inspires you to show up as a stunning masterpiece of unbridled passion and creativity, and to evolve consciousness by acting in alignment withrepparttar 122333 powerful force you are.

Mahalene, a native of France, began her career as a journalist and teacher in Europe. She spent her first twenty years in the US as a self-supporting artist while soon consulting with people on self-empowerment. As she is in all accounts a “true artist,” one of her greatest gifts as an inspiration anchor is to offer “a new way to look at it,” which is greatly instrumental to increase chances of success, prosperity, and happiness.

Summertime and the Living is easy

Written by Patricia Lite Hickman

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A series of affirmations can be placed in your Spiritual Toolbox, such as:

My Life and Affairs are in Divine Order

Life rewards me with abundance.

I am a Radiant Being of Light.

Add to those any affirmations that you already use that enrich your life and uplift your energy and spirit. If you aren't using affirmations at this time, make a list for yourself; it only takes a short time of applying attention to this, and just when you need it mostrepparttar *right* one will pop up in your thoughts utomatically.

Here is a verse that I hope you will enjoy.

Walking in The Light

When your world is rocking and you feel fright, Surround yourself in a circle of Golden/White light

This is your protection either day or night. Light will always penetraterepparttar 122298 darkness, that's right!

I saw a glimpse ofrepparttar 122299 heavens, never thought one might... Until a Near Death Experience granted merepparttar 122300 sight.

Heaven is a real place bathed in glorious and brilliant light. Souls there are gentle, as a feather floating out of sight.

We each have a job to do inrepparttar 122301 world that will require our might. So everyday, encircle yourself in Golden/White light.

Your own light will grow and shine very bright, As you elevate yourself, takerepparttar 122302 hand of a friend and hold on tight.

Each person you meet will benefit if you are walking inrepparttar 122303 light. Each path you cross will be better for meeting, a laser beam of light.

©Patricia Lite Hickman 05/22/2004.

May you have more than enough and everything that you need!

This summer and always, I wish you BETTER~

Lite www.astrongwoman.org

Author, Psychic and clairaudient, I am, a Reiki Master, Healer, Minister and Metaphysician for more than 25 years. In order to find out the answers to my life, I studied Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Religion, Psychic Phenomenia, as well as Healing, Spirit Releasement Therapy and Psychic Self Defense.

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