Ten Top Reasons To Give Gift Baskets!

Written by La Tunya Sifford

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(1) Easy and painless to order

(2) They are beautiful and memorable

(3) They are customized to suit your style

(4) Contain quality products

(5) They fit into any price range

(6) They are loved by all age groups

(7) Every part ofrepparttar gift is useful and practical

(8) Can be given for any occasion

(9) Can be personalized

(10)They arerepparttar 125417 perfect gift

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Terrorists... Who are they really?

Written by Gary R. Hess

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The ones who call forrepparttar Jihad are in no way in charge of other Muslims. These so called “Leaders of Islam” is just a myth. Islam has no clear leader. The leader of Islam is justrepparttar 125416 same as another member of Islam. One who prays to Allah is as holy asrepparttar 125417 so called “Clerics.” Islam is not like Catholicism whererepparttar 125418 Pope isrepparttar 125419 holiest of them all and has a clear leader. So why then are people making such a fuss aboutrepparttar 125420 clerics calling for Jihad? A true Muslim knows not to listen to such idiocy.

The past week has been full of troubling acts by terrorists, fromrepparttar 125421 school takeover torepparttar 125422 situation in Jakarta. Our lives are becoming more and more valuable byrepparttar 125423 moment. Not because of a certain race or religion, but because of a few who go torepparttar 125424 extreme.

Gary R. Hess is a writer and web designer for Love Poetry and Articles


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