Ten Top Performance Management Tips

Written by Martin Haworth

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Celebrate great performance! Focus on what’s going well. It's about successes and building on strengths, not spending ages on their weaknesses - that serves no-one. Go withrepparttar positives!

  • Achieve Their Needs

    Remember that we all have needs that we want fulfilling. By working with your people to create outcomes that will do this, you will strengthen your relationships and channel effort in a constructive direction.

  • Tackle Discipline

    Whilst it often happens, Performance Management is not about managing indiscipline. That has to be managed in a different way. By setting clear standards in your business that everyone understands and signs up to, discipline becomes much, much easier.

  • Learn from Mistakes

    As part of regular on-the-job and informal review, mistakes will come to light; things will go wrong. By usingrepparttar 119404 ‘What went well? And ‘What could you do differently?’ format,repparttar 119405 unsatisfactory performance becomes controllable and a positive step.
    Try these ten out, maybe not all together, but one at a time. Have fun! There are other benefits apart from just improvingrepparttar 119406 performance of your people - can you spot them?

    © 2005 Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He works worldwide, mainly by phone, with small business owners, managers and corporate leaders. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website, www.coaching-businesses-to-success.com. (Note to editors. Feel free to use this article, wherever you think it might be of value - with a live link if you can).


    Written by Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

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    4. Bio-data I’m not referring to DNA. Instead, bio-data is biographical data. Here’s how to benefit from bio-data. Grabrepparttar files on your superstar employees. Look for common work-related experiences or education that most of them have.

    3 For example, one company I consulted to wanted to hire salespeople to sell a service (not a product). Upon examining bio-data ofrepparttar 119403 company’s superstar salespeople, we foundrepparttar 119404 high-achieving salespeople had worked selling services. Most ofrepparttar 119405 company’s underachieving salespeople worked in sales, also. But,repparttar 119406 underachievers sold products, not services.

    Interestingly,repparttar 119407 same company also discovered most of its superstar salespeople worked at McDonald’s for six months or longer in high school or college. This showed an interest in serving customers (after all, that is what McDonald’s stresses) plus stick-to-itiveness (lasting six months or more in a normally high-turnover job). So, start digging into your bio-data treasures located in employees’ files.

    5. RJP RJP stands for realistic job preview. To do an RJP, (a) show applicants exactly what they will do on-the-job if you hire them, (b) let applicants think about it for 24 hours, and (c) then ask applicants if they want to takerepparttar 119408 job. Research shows employers who give detailed RJPs get two results: 1. less employees acceptrepparttar 119409 job offer 2. applicants who acceptrepparttar 119410 job off are less likely to turnover

    Importantly, an RJP needs to be super-realistic. For example, I consulted to a tire company. It had great difficulty getting people to work in “purgatory” – a horribly hot room in which hot, just-made ties were moved onrepparttar 119411 tire molds. Anyone who worked inrepparttar 119412 “purgatory” room spent all day covered in sweat and thick white dust. No wonder most people quit that job after short time!

    I recommended using RJPs. The company worried, “Applicants won’t take that job if they know much about it!” I said let’s try RJP anyway. Sure enough, after seeing this awfully hot and dusty job, only a small percentage of applicants tookrepparttar 119413 job. But, those who did stayed a long time. Note: They were people who acted distinctly “odd,” and relished feeling hot and sticky all day!

    Do It Now If you remember these points, you can hirerepparttar 119414 best – and profit from it: 1. what you see is not all you get – but it isrepparttar 119415 best you will see 2. use customized tests, since tests predict job success better than other methods 3. take advantage of predictors right under your nose, including referrals from winners, bio-data, and RJPs.

    Importantly, you can start these valuable methods today so you immediately start hiringrepparttar 119416 best.

    © Copyright 2005 Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

    Michael Mercer, Ph.D., is America’s Hire the Best Expert™. He authored 5 books, including “Hire the Best -- & Avoid the Rest™” & “Turning Your HR Department into a Profit Center™.” Many companies hire productive employees using (a) tests he created – “Abilities & Behavior Forecaster™ Test – and (b) his 7-Step Hire the Best “System”™. You can visit http://www.MercerSystems.com or (2) contact him at (847) 382-0690.

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