Ten Tips on Speaking with Authority and Power

Written by Graham Jones

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5. Move Move around your stage. Start off inrepparttar centre front and then move so you cover a lot of ground. Static presenters are not seen as authoritative.

6. Create powerful associations. Link yourself to other powerful and authoritative people by agreeing with what they say. Use quotations if necessary.

7. Be short and sweet Speak with short sentences and leave pauses for people to absorb what you have said. Long, convoluted language makes you appear unintelligible and therefore you have no power or influence.

8. Have a stunning opening Start with a dynamic and interesting opening that connects with your audience immediately. Mention them, use a personal anecdote or ask a question.

9. Power pack your ending Make sure your ending is power-packed. Like a great overture you need to end with a rousing crash! To do this, summarise what you have said and then give your audience an action you need them to take.

10. Stand still atrepparttar 107934 end When you have delivered your final words stand still, centre stage looking your audience inrepparttar 107935 eye. Stay there and pause for several seconds before leavingrepparttar 107936 stage.

Graham Jones runs The Presentation Business at http://www.presentationbiz.com which helps people become great presenters.

How To Choose The Right Television For You

Written by Duane Smith

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Inrepparttar meantime, you have your choice of buying an HDTV "capable" "enabled" TV if you choose to buy a digital TV. An HDTV capable TV means that it can process digital signals (like DVDs) but in order to displayrepparttar 107933 high definition signal it will require you to purchase an additional tuner which you can buy later at any time. Onrepparttar 107934 other hand, HDTV enabled simply means thatrepparttar 107935 TV is fully capable of displaying high definition picture and sound right out ofrepparttar 107936 box. The choice is yours. Either biterepparttar 107937 bullet and getrepparttar 107938 whole HDTV enabled enchilada now, or defer it a while longer until HDTV programming is more standard.

You also hear a lot about plasma and LCD screens these days. The screens we have been used to for years are called CRTs, and they have worked just fine, butrepparttar 107939 main advantage of plasma and LCD screens are that they can be very thin to produce, usually they are only 2-3 inches wide and that makes them able to be mounted in many places that CRT screens just can't go. If you need that kind of screen, just bear in mind that plasma and LCD screens are still very expensive. There is nothing wrong with just getting a good CRT screen or a rear projection screen inrepparttar 107940 meantime as they can be had for not a lot of money and can still produce a great picture depending onrepparttar 107941 manufacturer.

There is more to all of this telivision technology, but what we have covered should give you a good idea of whatrepparttar 107942 different TV terms mean and arm you with enough information that you can now confidently chooserepparttar 107943 television that will work best for you.

Duane Smith - All About Televisions is a site that provides free information, resources and tips on HDTV, plasma tvs, high definition television, LCD tvs, projection televisions, digital video recorders and much more.

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