Ten Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy

Written by Julia Hyde

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Title tags appear in your site’s HTML code like this:


You can view a site’s title tag by clicking VIEW then SOURCE on your browser’s tool bar.

Because search engines use title tags to gather information about your Web site you need to think carefully about what words you put inrepparttar tag. Don’t be tempted to put your company name inrepparttar 108104 tag (unless you’re a well-known brand like Nike or Microsoft).

Instead put specific keywords relating to your business. For example, if you’re a California real estate company, you would want your company to appear in search engine results for searches on keywords such as “California Real Estate” or “Realtors in California.” So, you would userepparttar 108105 keywords “California Real Estate” or “California Realtors” in your title tags. If you wanted to be more specific, or you prefer seeking business in a specific geographic area you would use keywords such as “Silicon Valley Real Estate” or “Silicon Valley Realtors.”

7. Provide links and connections

The web is about linking information. Make sure your site links your reader to other information and other sites link to you. Never make your Web site a dead-end. Some search engines, including Google, are based, in part, on their ability to find you from links on other sites

8. Write effective summaries, sentences and paragraphs

An effective summary is who, what, when, where, how. It’s about gettingrepparttar 108106 information across in 50 words or less. Keep your summaries short and factual. Make sure they encourage your reader keep reading.

Remember, keep sentences to between 15-20 words. Paragraphs between 40-70 words. Make your first sentence grab your reader’s attention or they’ll move on.

9. Sell Benefits not Features

If you want your Web site to sell your product or service you must write about benefits and not about features. A feature describes a product or service. A benefit is whatrepparttar 108107 user gains from using that product or service. Don't say, " Our duvets are warm and comfortable,” say “You'll be warm and comfortable in one of our duvets.” Tell your customers how your product or service will make them happier, sexier, healthier, wealthier. In other words focus on making sure every line of your copy is dedicated to what’s in it for them.

10. Edit. Edit. Edit. Then edit again

Mistakes in online copy are temporary and easily fixed, but byrepparttar 108108 time you’ve noticed your errors so have thousands of other people. Have two or three people proofread your text. Check it yourself for consistency in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations etc. And finally, read it backwards—you’ll be surprised how many errors you’ll spot.

Julia is an independent copywriter and consultant specializing in search engine marketing and copywriting, direct mail, press releases and other marketing materials businesses need to increase sales. Learn more about how Julia can help boost your companies profits by visiting www.juliahyde.com. Or email info@juliahyde.com. She'll get back to you right away.

Organizing Your Data to Write Better Copy

Written by Neroli Lacey

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Finally you polish. Now you are reading for flow or musicality.You are cutting out superfluous ideas and words.

This isrepparttar long way to write.

THE SHORT WAY TO WRITE The short way is to sift and prioritize all your notes in your mind ie you turn on your thinking tool. The key idea will pop into view, and hey presto, you begin writing about that one. You have a feeling for what comes next and what after that. You understand how to prioritize your ideas. Soon with a bit of jiggling ideas aroundrepparttar 108103 page, your story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

You can teach yourselfrepparttar 108104 short way by writingrepparttar 108105 long way, again and again. Or by turning copy round inrepparttar 108106 middle ofrepparttar 108107 night for an 07.00am deadline as I often had to do as a newspaper feature writer.

“When we encounter a natural style, we are astonished and delighted: for we expected to see an author, and we find a man.” Blaise Pascal. Quoted with thanks to John R. Trimble, Writing with Style published by Prentice Hall.

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I’ve been helping executives transform their businesses and their lives with outstanding marketing materials since 1995. I have worked with clients in Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Minneapolis, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Delhi. I used to be one of the top journalists in Britain writing for The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, and more. Please visit my website: beyondcommunications.com

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