Ten Tips for Starting a New Job

Written by Alvah Parker

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7.Identifyrepparttar critical challenges. Develop a plan that showsrepparttar 107117 way you will address your most critical challenges andrepparttar 107118 time frames that you expect completion. Share this with your boss.

8.Complete a project. Select at least one visible project to be completed within your first 60 days inrepparttar 107119 job.

9.Take care of yourself. Create a schedule for yourself that includes time off and good self-care. Changing jobs is stressful so include activities that you know reduce stress for you i.e. proper rest, exercise, good diet, family time etc.

10.Celebrate your success! Feel good about what you have accomplished. Confidence is an important part of your success in your job

Alvah Parker is a Business and Career Coach as well as publisher of Parker’s Points, an email tip list and Road to Success, an ezine. Alvah is found on the web at www.asparker.com. She may also be reached at 781-598-0388. Copyright © 2004 all rights reserved. Permission is granted to reproduce in its entirety including copyright and contact information.

Could You Be A Workaholic?

Written by David Leonhardt

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“That’s a pity. Being a workaholic means missing out on a lot of life.”

“That’s true, but it’s not just city folk who miss their kids growing up or are too busy working to help their wives cleanrepparttar dishes.”

I tookrepparttar 107115 hint and picked up a drying cloth. “You mean that anyone can get caught up in work, and lose sight of what’s really important? Even farmers, moat diggers andrepparttar 107116 guy who sorts throughrepparttar 107117 trash atrepparttar 107118 dump looking forrepparttar 107119 tastiest morsels to throw torepparttar 107120 gulls?”

“I suppose so,” she answered with that what-have-you-been-smoking look on her face. "Why not try to see if workaholic redneck jokes work?"

“Well, if you look forward to Christmas this year, because you might takerepparttar 107121 afternoon off from tillingrepparttar 107122 land, you might be a workaholic redneck.”

“That’srepparttar 107123 spirit,” she encouraged.

I tried another, “If you’re drinking your morning coffee from a dirty mason jar from yesterday, you might be a workaholic redneck.”

“Very good,” she praised.

“If you stick family pictures to your backhoe window to remind you what they look like, you might be a workaholic redneck.”

“Why not try one more, just to make sure?” my wife suggested.

“OK, if you bring your work with you to your son’s baseball game, you might be a workaholic redneck.”

“Uh, OK…” she began.

“And if nobody complains aboutrepparttar 107124 smell, you might live in a town full of workaholic rednecks!”

"You got it!" she shouted.

I realized that I had spent way too much time talking about workaholic redneck jokes. There was only one thing I could do to compensate.

I tossed asiderepparttar 107125 drying cloth, grabbed my lap-top computer and rushed torepparttar 107126 outhouse to catch up on a few hundred urgent emails.

David Leonhardt is a humor columnist http://www.thehappyguy.com/positive-thinking-free-ezine.html He is author of Climb Your Stairway to Heaven http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?isbn=0-595-17826-X Read more personal growth articles: http://www.thehappyguy.com/self-actualization-articles.html Visit his liquid vitamins store: http://www.vitamin-supplements-store.net

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